Top 7 Collectibles in High Demand Today

Top 7 Collectibles

What would you do with an unexpected check worth thousands of dollars? Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a vacation to The Bahamas, or perhaps you’re thinking about paying off your auto loan. Whatever your financial goals, it may be worth checking your basement to see if you’ve got something that might in fact be worth thousands of dollars. 

The collectibles market ebbs and flows over time, but right now it’s extremely hot. Whether you know it or not, you could have a doll, poster, coin, stamp, or other collectibles in high demand. People are willing to pay for collectibles right now, so it’s worth finding out if you’re sitting on a gold mine

In the article below, you’ll find a list of seven of the most valuable collectible categories in today’s market. If you own one of these collectibles, you may want to think about getting it appraised or even putting it on the market to sell. Read on to find out more about the red hot collectibles market. 

Beanie Babies

The adorable little stuffed animals that everyone had in the 1990s are one of the most valuable collectible items to look for. The most valuable Beanie Babies are ones that have mistakes on the Beanie Baby tag. The mistakes make these trending collectibles very rare, and people are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for them. 

You can also sell your Beanie Baby for a lot of money if you own one of the limited edition bears that the company released for holidays and other events. These commemorative Beanie Baby collectibles are even rarer than the ones with mistakes. As a result, they can catch hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

If you do have any of these Beanie Baby collectibles around the house, check to see if they’re in good condition. Once you’ve determined that they are in good condition you can look up where to sell Beanie Babies and cash out.

Pokemon Cards

If you’re wondering what collectibles are in high demand right now, you need not look further than the playing cards every kid obsessed over in the late ’90s. Pokemon Cards have made a comeback, but this time they’re valued not because of their value in a game, but their value on the open market. 

If you own any of the original Japanese Pokemon cards, you can sell those for tens of thousands of dollars. Other valuable Pokemon cards include first-edition cards and certain holographic Pokemon cards. The cards are generally only valuable, however, if they’re in mint condition. 

Old and Rare Stamps

Unlike other trendy collectibles, stamps have always been some of the most valuable collectibles to look for. It may be worth looking through your file cabinet to see if you have any old stamps. 

Stamps are generally valuable if they’re old or if they were only released for a limited time. If you do own an old stamp, you’ll have to decide if now is the time to sell or if you think it will continue to appreciate.

Barbie Dolls

Did you know that Barbie dolls have been around for over 60 years? Older Barbies are definitely worth a pretty penny. However, many of the Barbies made in the early 2000s have sold for high dollar amounts in recent years. If you look at a list of collectibles in high demand, you’ll find Barbies like the Medusa Barbie from 2008 and the Midnight Tuxedo Barbie from 2001.

Valuable Coins

Like stamps, coins have been fetching huge amounts of money on the collectible market for a long time. In the coin space, the most valuable collectibles are silver dollars and coins that are over 150 years old. You can also expect to sell your coin for a lot of money if you have coins that feature manufacturing mistakes. The double-dye Lincoln penny is a prime example of this. 

Movie Posters

Although movie posters generally don’t attract as much money as some of the other collectibles on this list, they’re still worth selling. Most movie posters were given out for free when they were first printed. 

If you didn’t get the poster when it first came out, you might also come across a valuable movie poster in a thrift shop. A garage sale is another great place to find old movie posters. The older the poster, the more you can sell it for on the open market.

Comic Books

Whether you collected comic books yourself or you had a child who left them behind when they moved out, it’s worth digging them up. That’s because comic books are having a bit of a moment right now. Some of the rarer comic books have recently sold for millions of dollars. Of all the collectible items worth money on this list, comic books might be the most valuable. 

You Own Some Collectibles in High Demand

Now that you know which collectibles are worth money, you can check your attic or basement to see if you own any. If you have some collectibles in high demand, you should look up their value online to see what you can expect to sell them for. 

Be sure to also ask experts who may know if it’s worth holding on to the collectibles and selling at a later date. If you’re interested in learning more about the collectibles market, be sure to stay up to date with all the latest blog posts going live on this website each week.

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