TOP 10 mistakes when moving

If you are moving soon, then you should definitely read this article. We will analyze the ten most common mistakes that people make when moving things to a new home. So, let’s go in order.

No labeling

Unpacking is not a quick process. And in the first days the most difficult thing is to find the necessary things. Then you need a hair dryer, then an iron, then an umbrella in connection with the change of weather. So you have to copy in all the boxes and repeatedly order how you do not like moving and why you are punished.

To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to think in advance about the labeling of boxes and choose the method of packing. They can be sorted by several criteria: by rooms or by place of storage, purpose or belonging to a particular person. In addition, it is desirable to sign the boxes on at least two sides: side and top, so that the markings are clearly visible.

Old junk in a new apartment

We often feel sorry for throwing out broken, unnecessary things and they are stored on the top shelves, under the bed or occupy half of the balcony. Moving to a new apartment is a great reason to get rid of old junk. Old dishes, worn-out shoes or clothes, broken chairs and appliances that have been waiting to be repaired for a year, and so on. If you have not turned to these things in a year, then you will not need them in the future. Therefore, when packing things for moving, leave a couple of rubbish bins so as not to clutter up the new home with them.

There is no furniture placement plan

Unpacking things in a new house is quite a time consuming process. To facilitate it, it is desirable to determine in advance where the furniture will stand. So you can immediately from the truck to bring sofas, cabinets, tables and other interior items to the right place. This will speed up the process of unpacking other things and save the apartment from possible damage.

Savings on packaging materials

Buying boxes, bubble wrap and scotch tape is considered by many to be a waste of money. Therefore, when packing things in the course is everything that is at home: garbage bags, suitcases, shabby boxes of household appliances. And during unpacking, it turns out that a couple of glasses broke, a chip formed on the mirror, and the photo frame cracked due to pressure. So that nothing overshadows your new home, it is better to think in advance what and where to pack. Buying a roll of bubble wrap and a dozen sturdy boxes is cheaper than buying a new mirror or set of glasses.

Loader separately, car separately

When planning a move, you looked at the prices for the services of loaders and the prices for a freight taxi. In one company the action: three hours of work of the loader for the price of two, the second company very cheaply offers to rent the Gazelle. It would seem an obvious solution: you need to order a loader and driver in different places to save a couple of hundred. But in practice it is more complicated. Some of them may be late or not come at all, and the simple will have to pay anyway. And so from savings your idea turned into unforeseen expenses. Therefore it is better to order complex services of loaders and the driver.

Furniture does not need to be packed

That’s what 99% of migrants think. Why spend stretch film on kitchen cabinets, what will happen to them? At the very least, there may be a chip. Or when transported, the door will open and damage things nearby. Or already in the new apartment these same doors of a locker will hook a corner perfectly plastered walls – and “Hello, repair”. Upholstered furniture should also be packed so that it does not become dirty. Dry cleaning is not a cheap pleasure.

Moving with children

If you have small children, you know that it is sometimes difficult to even wash the floor with them, let alone move. The hustle and bustle of strangers in the house, taking away your favorite crib and toys, busy mom and dad, a bunch of dangerous things in free access – this is not the best situation for a child. Leave it on the day of moving to grandma or move while he is in kindergarten. This will save you and your baby from unnecessary nerves.

We will manage ourselves

Another unjustified type of savings is the transportation of things by personal car several times. Even if you have a trailer, it will not solve the problem. You will spend extra money on fuel, riding here and there. The trailer does not guarantee the safety of things and in practice it can fit very little, so the move will seem like an eternity and can take several days or weeks.

Transportation of assembled furniture without prior measurements

Many people are lazy or just do not know that before transporting furniture you need to accurately measure the doorways, elevator dimensions and entrance doors, both in the old place and in the new one. With this information, you will be able to decide which furniture to disassemble and which will go completely. But some items of furniture still have to be disassembled or removed. These are, for example, drawers, doors, sometimes legs of a table or a sofa. Because the door opens at the most inopportune moment, the boxes fly out, and the legs can accidentally break off, for some reason get caught and do not allow you to rationally use the volume of the body when loading.

Pack everything, then we will understand

To speed up the loading and unloading process, owners often let it drift. As a result, loaders put all the boxes, bags, suitcases in one pile in the body of the car, and then the same total pile is brought into the room. And now imagine: in the evening you moved to a new apartment, and in the morning, you are going to work and in this snowdrift of boxes trying to find clothes, shoes, a toothbrush, a cup of coffee. And if in this fuss also the child needs to be collected to school? Agree, the prospect is not very. To prevent this from happening to you, we recommend that you put things in a separate box on the first day and then put it in a prominent place when unloading things. Then the morning in the new house will not turn into a nightmare.

As you can see, changing residence is not an easy task, it requires some preparation, planning and assistance. In fact, the main mistake when moving – to do it alone. This is what many people do and end up sacrificing their nerves, time and the integrity of their property. Now it is possible to turn to good professionals and finally get rid of the stereotype that moving is the Lord’s punishment. In fact, moving is a change for the better and a new stage in life. Swift Move Services movers and packers will help you all in your move safely from one place to the other.

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