Tips on How To Lift Weights for Longevity

Tips on How To Lift Weights for Longevity

Everyone wants to live their life to its fullest. Whether that means being successful or content with achievements, people often want to live life to its maximum potential. Part of doing that may include a healthy lifestyle and training routine. Certain activities like weightlifting make you strong and can also help increase your lifespan. Here are some tips on how to lift weights for longevity to build the body you want for a long time coming.

Perform Functional Exercises

Functional exercises engage the body through a multifaceted approach. Unlike single-muscle workouts (workouts that primarily engage only one muscle group), functional fitness sessions engage multiple muscle groups through only a few exercises. This helps maximize your time and training. Exercises like the deadlift, squat, dumbbell row, and bodyweight movements all incorporate multiple muscles in one formation. Alternatively, you can use supersets to keep stable and consistent. These are sets in which you perform two back-to-back single-muscle exercises.

Focus on Proper Form

Proper form is another important consideration for keeping your body in good health. No one wants to become injured. An injury can be a major setback on your fitness goals and overall health and wellness. Depending on the type, these can also have an impact on your daily activities. Therefore, you must perform all lifts using the correct form, even if that means using less weight than you feel you need. It’s better to lift smarter than heavier. Your body will thank you.

Rest and Take Breaks As Needed

Still, one of the most foundational tips on how to lift weights for longevity is to rest or take breaks when needed. Everyone needs a rest day or two within their exercise routines. However, when it comes to longevity, consider the outcomes of a longer break. A rest that lasts a week or more may have significant advantages over shorter rests. It’ll give your body the break it needs, and your mind can refocus on goals and outcomes. With the right mindset and technique to get back to your exercise routine after a long break, there’s no reason not to take a few weeks off.

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