Tips for Calculating What Size Garbage Cans You Need

Tips for Calculating What Size Garbage Cans You Need

The size of your garbage can is an essential factor to consider before purchasing your receptacle. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know which sized bin is right for your space. Here are some tips for calculating what size garbage cans you need for your home or office space in the future.

Determine How Much Space You Have

Your home or office will only support a garbage can that will fit in your available space. Before you start to calculate how large your can should be, you should take a look at the space you’re working with. By evaluating your area beforehand, you eliminate the chances of choosing a receptacle that is too large and can’t fit in your area. If your space at home or in the office is limited, consider selecting several smaller waste bins that you can scatter around your rooms. This offers ease of access to your garbage cans and accommodates your available space.

Consider How Many People Will Use It

Another factor to consider when choosing a garbage bin size is how many people occupy your home or office building. Bins placed in high-traffic areas of the home or office will collect more trash than those in small-family homes or offices with fewer employees. Office building trash cans tend to see more use during the day, which would make a larger 20–30-gallon trash can more useful. Most homes won’t fill such a large trash can between weekly trash collections. Four-person family homes and empty nesters can usually get by with a 12–16-gallon trash can or smaller.

Understand How Much Trash You Create

Most estimates for trash can size are based on the average home or office. However, if your family or company produces more trash than most, you may need a larger trash can. Additionally, if your family or business participates in composting, you might generate less trash than most. Less trash means you might not need that full 20–30-gallon trash can even if you have a larger number of employees in your office or members in your household.

When choosing a garbage can for your home or office, don’t just choose any size. Remember these tips to help you calculate the right size garbage can you need for your building so you don’t waste space or experience trash can overflow.

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