Things That Sound Illegal but Are Completely Legal

Things That Sound Illegal but Are Completely Legal

The world is full of odd laws and weird circumstances, as every state and city is in charge of its own legislature. Things that aren’t permissible in one place may be legal elsewhere in the country, but there are many things you can do that just seem like they should be illegal. Here are some of the odd things you can do legally, even if they feel illegal.

Owning a Poppy Plant

Poppy is the plant that creates opium in its raw form, an illegal substance that is unsafe for consumption. However, you can legally own certain species of poppy plants in your own home. That said, it is illegal to harvest the substances from the plant, and doing so can get you in a lot of trouble.

Lock Picking as a Skill

Most people think that lock picking is a thief’s trade, as only a thief would want to break into a lock, right? That’s not entirely true. You can learn how to pick locks without any legal repercussions. There’s also an entire market for lock picking and some tools of the trade, such as a lock picking set. It could be a fantastic skill that allows you to let yourself back in your home when you forget your keys.

Owning Odd Pets

Most people love owning a pet, but when they think of pets, they only think about the typical dogs and cats you can easily find in a shelter. While these options are standard, you can choose from many different animals that you might not expect. Since every state has different laws, you may live in a state that allows for the ownership of some extreme pets. The large capybara is a noteworthy example of an interesting animal you can own if you have the right permits and your local regulations allow it.

Mattress Tag Removal

You’ll likely notice an interesting tag on your mattress that states it’s illegal to remove, but that’s not the full story. That tag is there to authenticate the bed in the store; once you own the item, the tag is no longer necessary. You can remove it without breaking the law, which might just be one of the oddest things that seem illegal but aren’t at the end of the day.

All these things are completely legal—given the right circumstances and precautions. The legal system is complex, and sometimes a few myths and assumptions about the law leave the public unsure of what’s legal and what isn’t.

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