The Top Reasons Why Goldfish Make Such Great Pets

The Top Reasons Why Goldfish Make Such Great Pets

Goldfish have been a symbol of fishkeeping for centuries. Before they were as iconic as they are now, only the wealthy people of ancient China and Japan kept them. But why are goldfish so popular? It might seem like these fish are average through today’s lens, but that’s far from the truth. Here are the top reasons why goldfish make such great pets and have withstood the test of time.

Plentiful and Affordable

Today’s goldfish originally came from the Prussian Carp and Crucian Carp. Because of their popularity in Ancient China, they quickly became plentiful and have stayed that way for many years.

You can see them in almost any store that sells fish, making them easy to come by and affordable for anyone interested in fish keeping. Even the most expensive breed goes for only 75 dollars each.

Easy Maintenance

Because goldfish are cold-water fish, they typically don’t need a tank heater to keep them comfortable. Instead, all you need is a filter and a submersible thermometer to make sure their tank doesn’t heat up too much. However, because even common goldfish can grow larger than expected, they need a properly sized tank to be comfortable.

In addition, you need to feed goldfish about twice a day until it’s about a year old, and then once a day after that. Also, they like to receive food around the same time every day. Be careful, though, as these rotund little fish love to eat until they pop, so give it an amount of food equal to the size of its eye.


Incredibly, goldfish can survive without food for as long as two weeks if they have algae to snack on. While this isn’t advisable, it’s a testament to how sturdy these fish are. Also, they can survive near-freezing temperatures because of their carp origins.

If given the right conditions and proper care, you can have your goldfish for up to 30 years. The oldest known goldfish lived for 44 years! These fish are lifetime pals.

Friendly and Sociable

Most goldfish love to live in schools and get along well when living with the same species. They typically aren’t aggressive, especially if given enough aquarium space. Plus, they get along well with other nonaggressive freshwater fish, like the Golden Mountain Minnow and the White Cloud Minnow.

Endless Colors

Goldfish can come in many sizes and colors. Some can grow to be large, so be sure to check the species first. The Ranchu and Shubunkin Goldfish are some of the most beautifully patterned goldfish breeds. Even if you’re looking for something a little more elegant, the Veiltail and Tamasaba are graceful and can grow to be quite large.

While these are a few of the top reasons why goldfish make such great pets, you need to see these cute little creatures for yourself. With a goldfish, you’ll have the sweetest lifetime friend.

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