The Role of Toners In Skin Care

Toners In Skin Care

There is a misconception about toner and the topic people think that both are the same. Toners are used to tone your skin and maintain PH balance. It also acts as an astringent. Let’s find out the benefits of toner for your skin.

Key Benefits Of Toners:

Toner is one of the important steps in skincare routine. Let’s find out what benefits toner gives your skin.

1. Balance pH 

The normal PH of the skin is 5. Cleansing the face will lean your skin more towards alkaline nature. A good toner is important to protect skin from external pollutants and irritants.Toner has the PH level around 5-6 that helps to maintain skin natural PH level.

2. Hydrate the skin

Toners are not just water, but packed with ingredients that lock the moisture and provide hydration to your skin and also make your skin ready to absorb different ingredients of your skin care products more effectively.

3. Remove impurities

Even after washing and cleansing your face some of the stubborn dirt or makeup residue remains in your skin. Toners help to remove impurities of your skin and help to remove dead cells.

Different Toners For Different Skin Types And issues:

Different toners work differently. It is not possible that you apply the same product for all your skin issues and because they contain different active ingredients to fulfill your skin needs. There are different types of toners that serve differently. We have categorized them according to your skin needs and types so that you can easily pick them to meet the desired results. Click here to learn different toners for different skin types and concerns.

When Should I Use Toner:

Remember toner is an important step that we often ignore and then encounter different skin issues. To get the maximum benefits you should follow a complete skincare routine and then use your serum and moisturizer you will notice promising results within a few weeks.


This is the first step of your skincare routine. Use a gentle cleanser on your face and remove all dust and makeup residue before going to bed.


Exfoliation is the second step of the skincare routine that you should follow twice a week. It will help to remove dead skin cells.


After cleansing/exfoliation apply your favorite toner via cotton pad or hands and pat it on your face. Remember! Must focus on ingredients that carry this product.


Once you have done it, apply serum now your skin is ready to absorb active ingredients more efficiently and effectively.


Layer your face with moisturizer after serum. To get the most supple, youthful and brighten skin.

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How To Apply A Toner

A multifunctional toner used in so many ways based on your preferences and needs. Let’s find out how you can apply to get maximum benefits.

1- Take an appropriate amount of toner on your palm and pat them on your skin.

2- To get the extra gentle touch for exfoliating and cleansing, use a cotton pad in an upward motion on your face.

3- Keep a spray bottle and fill it with your favorite toner and spray it on your face when needed. You can also use it during travel.


It is best to apply toner in both your morning and night skin care routine just after face wash or cleansing before serum and moisturizer. In the daytime you should apply sunscreen after moisturizing. To get the desired results it is important to follow a proper skin routine without missing any step.

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