The (Huge) Impact of Regular Family Visits in Prison

Impact of Regular Family Visits in Prison

Having a family member go to prison can be a major challenge for any household. Counselors often recommend that families maintain regular contact with the incarcerated. This can minimize the harmful impact that prison can have on families.

However, prison visits can take a lot of planning and preparation. Fortunately, visiting a loved one in prison doesn’t have to be daunting. 

Let’s find out more about why planning family visits in prison is important. Make the experience simpler for you and your loved one. Read on!

Maintain the Emotional Bond

By allowing family members to visit, inmates feel more connected to their families on an emotional level. This can provide a sense of comfort during a difficult and often isolating time.

It can help families keep in contact with their loved ones and provide support to them both before and after release. By providing consistent opportunities for family members to stay connected with their relatives, prisons can help build strong, meaningful relationships between inmates and their families.

Increase the Offender’s Sense of Belonging and Acceptance 

Having contact with family promotes an atmosphere of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, which are essential for any offender trying to make positive changes. Receiving emotional love and support from family can help to reduce feelings of alienation and isolation experienced by many prisoners.

Observing the reciprocal nature of the relationship is also important in teaching offenders lessons of respect and responsibility. It provides an invaluable opportunity for reassurance, guidance, and fostering emotional connection for those incarcerated.

These positive interactions can also help to reduce the likelihood of reoffending upon release as the offender has a stronger emotional anchor in their family unit. Providing regular opportunities for family visits is key in helping improve an offender’s sense of belonging and acceptance.

Reduce the Risks of Relapse and Recidivism 

Regular family visits have been proven to help inmates reduce the risk of relapse and recidivism. Having family members present in the prison, as well as being able to discuss current problems and situations, provides inmates with emotional support and the chance to establish meaningful connections. It provides a sense of belonging and hope.

It also creates a positive outlook amongst inmates, making them more likely to believe in a future outside of prison instead of their current fate. Furthermore, family relationships can aid in an inmate’s reintegration process after their release, providing them with a strong foundation for stability and allowing them to return to society as a productive member.

It increases the likelihood of successful reentry and contributes to preventing further criminal activity, resulting in protecting the community at large.

Increased Pro-social Behavior

Regular family visits in prison can lead to increased prosocial behavior. It’s an important factor in successful rehabilitation outcomes.

This behavior includes reducing fear, isolation, and depression, all of which are associated with the risk of reoffending. It shows that those prisoners who maintain regular contact with family members are less likely to re-offend after release and have increased prosocial behavior such as:

  • Embracing recovery programs
  • Developing positive relationships
  • Avoiding harm

Furthermore, the ability to visit with family reduces the social impact of incarceration and encourages prisoners to focus on pro-social events that will lead to successful re-entry into society. Along with improving the overall quality of life of inmates, family visits can provide a much-needed support network during the difficult process of adjustment to life in prison.

Through these visits, inmates may become more open to the following:

  • Pro-social activities
  • Cultivate support systems
  • Increase the potential for successful rehabilitation

Ensure the Safety of Society

Regular family visits in prison can help to ensure the safety of society by reducing recidivism. These visits create an ongoing connection between the prisoner and their family.

This helps prisoners transition back into society successfully and provide them with a support system when they return to the community. It also reduces the negative psychological impact of imprisonment on both the prisoners and their families.

Regular family visits also help to foster trust and dedication between family members and the prison system, allowing for successful correctional efforts. It can provide both the prisoners and their families with moral and emotional support.

Reduce Violence

Regular family visits in prison can reduce violence. Jail visits help to reduce violence within the prison system. It provides inmates with structure and support. It can evoke a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Also, a sense of connectedness, stability, and support from family reduces the likelihood of recidivism. It reduces negative behaviors in prison.

It can provide an outlet for prisoners to emotionally release some of the stress, which can result in reduced tension and, thus, reduced violence. 

Family visits have been demonstrated to be a critical factor in helping lowered violence in prisons. To maximize the effect, prisons should create a more efficient inmate search procedure and ensure that all family visits are safe and humane, and facilitate an environment of trust and openness.

Speak with your local legislature and urge them to allow more visits for inmates who have family members willing and able to come to visit.

Know the Huge Impact of Family Visits in Prison Starting Today

Regular family visits in prison can have a huge impact on a person’s rehabilitation process. It can bring positivity, structure, self-esteem, and stability to the prison environment. These benefits can be enjoyed by both the prisoner and the family.

We should take action and make sure people in prison have access to regular family visits.

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