The Highest-Risk States During Fire Season

The Highest-Risk States During Fire Season

Traditionally in effect from May through October, fire season is one of the most hazardous times of year for many warmer and dryer states. These months pose some of the highest chances of an area developing wildfire conditions. As such, people who live in certain regions of the United States must understand what’s at stake as well as how to protect themselves. These are some of the highest-risk states during fire season and what residents can do to mitigate the dangers.


Due to its size and proximity to the desert, California has the largest number of properties at risk of fire damage in the entire country. Between the state’s characteristic droughts and a lack of access to filtered water, wildfires present some of the biggest hazards to locals. As such, it’s recommended that you know how to prepare your home for wildfire season if you want to reduce your chances of property loss.


Texas residents are at a considerable amount of risk as well. As the southernmost section of America, this state is the closest to the equator, so it has record-breaking heat each summer. This dries out large sections of land and reduces healthy plants to crispy yard debris in as few as a couple weeks. Any of these things make for great kindling in the right conditions, so make sure you’re watering as often as possible and clearing away anything that could spread a fire.


Believe it or not, Colorado also has a high chance of experiencing wildfires. Though this state is best known for its perfect winter sports weather, it’s still capable of hitting 90 degrees in areas bordering Utah. These regions can experience extreme dehydration of plants and foliage. As such, it’s important that you keep your property sufficiently watered during this time of year to combat the risk.


Arizona is one of the highest-risk states during fire season, too. With its sandy landscape and large oil-mining industry, fires can break out near any major plot of land. Arizona also experiences regular droughts, which further increase the danger of sudden sparks near active oilfields. For these reasons, mining professionals must increase their safety measures as the heat rises.

Fire season is a very real risk for many individuals across the country. Therefore, if you live in one of these states, it’s vital that you recognize the threat and do what you can to keep your property safe.

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