The Elements of a Successful Salon Client Consultation

The Elements of a Successful Salon Client Consultation

Client consultations are one of the most important aspects of salon work. These consultations include understanding your client’s needs and providing them with all necessary information about the service. When done correctly, a great client consultation gives your customers faith in you and your work. Read on to learn more about the elements of a successful salon client consultation.


The first step in a successful salon client consultation is the meet-and-greet. This phase is critical to building a positive rapport with your client, as it allows you to make an initial connection and develop trust. During this time, it is important to be friendly and professional while also asking questions that help you learn more about your client. Engage in casual conversation, and be sure to ask their name, where they’re from, and what brings them to the salon. You want to create a positive experience for your client from the very beginning, so be as personable as possible. Curating exceptional customer service is one of the best ways to improve your salon quickly, so take advantage of these moments.

Ask the Right Questions

Once the meet-and-greet is complete, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure your client can express their needs. Ask about their hair texture, the type of style they are looking for, and any color preferences or requests. It can also be beneficial to discuss which products they prefer and if any particular styling tools work best with their hair type. You’ll want to identify any treatments or concerns, such as damage or thinning, to help you customize a plan that works for them. It’s also helpful to discuss the desired outcome of the service. Taking time during the consultation to have a conversation around expectations helps ensure everyone involved understands each other’s vision going into the appointment.

Use Examples

It’s always beneficial to use examples and visual aids during client consultations. Perhaps your client brought a photo of what they want their hair to look like. Take the time to discuss the picture with them so that you can determine what elements they want to include in their look. This discussion allows customers to get an idea of how their hair may turn out and provides an opportunity for them to ask additional questions about the process. And it also gives you, as the stylist, a chance to discover what your client hopes to achieve. You can also show examples of cutting or coloring techniques used by stylists to provide insight into the skill level at your salon. This process builds trust and understanding between stylists and clients.

Now that you what to include in a salon client consultation, you can use these strategies in your business today. Make sure your client feels heard, seen, respected, and special through every step of their consultation to set your salon up for success.

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