Everyday Products Made From Recycled Plastics

Everyday Products Made From Recycled Plastics

Separating your waste each and every day in an effort to reduce the effects of climate change can seem like a tedious, endless, and daunting endeavor. It’s easy to wonder, “Why am I even doing this?” or “Where does my ‘reusable’ trash go?” However, we can begin to appreciate former nuisances when we see the larger impact of our actions. Yes, recycling your plastic trash does pay off eventually. Read on to learn about four everyday products made from recycled plastics.

Packing Materials

We live in an age of next-day delivery—Amazon ships 1.6 million packages daily, while UPS handles over 25 billion mail items per year. Altogether, that’s an absurd amount of boxes transporting across this country at any given second. Many of these same packages require packing materials for superior protection during transport.

Thankfully, most polystyrene and Styrofoam packing materials manufactured today come from recycled sources. Plus, the recycled plastic packing material is an excellent insulator, making it ideal for the food and beverage sector, among many other industries.

Garbage Bags

Many top-brand garbage bags are produced with recycled plastics—ironic, right? In truth, these reusable materials are supremely reliable and strong, preventing the bag from ripping and polluting the surrounding environment. Additionally, recycled plastics produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions during manufacturing than pure-plastic production.

Plastic Kitchenware

Plastic kitchenware is an affordable and dependable option for countless households nationwide. These products are often aesthetically colorful and vibrant, but more importantly, incredibly reliable and hygienic. Recycled plastics make fantastic cutting boards, food storage containers, strainers, and more!

Sustainable Apparel

Yes, some of the clothing currently hanging in your closet contains bits of recycled plastic! For example, fleece is a highly popular outerwear fabric comprising almost entirely recycled waste. During the manufacturing process, plastics are repurposed to create highly durable synthetic threads that effectively insulate body heat. However, the polymer material is extremely lightweight and even slightly water-resistant. Therefore, even top brands use recycled plastics in their products. In fact, one of the reasons to buy a Patagonia backpack is Patagonia’s commitment to quality through its use of 100 percent recycled polyester.

Learning about everyday products made from recycled plastics highlights the importance of sustainable habits and behaviors. So the next time you feel annoyed when separating your trash, take a moment to consider all the wonderful things your waste can become one day!

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