4 High-Visibility Clothing Options for Waste Management

4 High-Visibility Clothing Options for Waste Management

It can be dangerous to work in the waste management industry—heavy machinery and hazardous waste are just two factors to be wary of. It’s essential for your workers to stay safe on the job, so a combination of proper training and high-visibility gear is critical. Read on to discover four high-visibility clothing options for waste management.


Perhaps the most popular piece of high-visibility gear is the safety vest. These are a great option because workers can throw them on over whatever clothing they choose to wear. Hi-vis vests are lightweight, breathable, and provide a bright spot in low-light conditions. The best vests have reflective panels and fluorescent colors to ensure maximum visibility on the job.


High-visibility t-shirts are a slightly more comfortable option than hi-vis vests. These are also a more casual choice, which can be good if the working environment is not particularly hazardous but still warrants hi-vis gear. Because your workers will be physically exerting themselves, choose t-shirts made with moisture-wicking materials for optimal comfort.


Some waste management workers need more protection than a vest or a t-shirt can offer, but they don’t want to sacrifice visibility. If that’s the situation, high-visibility coveralls are the solution. These pieces provide full-body coverage and tend to be made from durable materials that are resistant to the elements. Just as with vests, the best hi-vis coveralls will have reflective tape and bright colors to make it easy to spot your workers, even in inclement weather.


Finally, high-visibility jackets are the perfect option for waste management employees who work in colder climates. T-shirts and vests could get the job done, but they would leave your team feeling awfully chilly. When outfitting workers for waste management in these climates, hi-vis jackets with insulation and weather-resistant materials are the go-to choice.

Now that you know the top four high-visibility clothing options for waste management, be sure to outfit your workers in gear that will keep them safe and seen while on the job.

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