The Different Scales Used in Industrial Applications

The Different Scales Used in Industrial Applications

Scales are a valuable resource for many different applications and practices. While industrial platform scales have uses in many industries, the industrial field requires a variety of scales for different purposes daily to keep things moving smoothly. These are the different scales used in industrial applications. Learn which scales are most beneficial in an industrial setting.

Hanging or Crane Scales

Hanging or crane scales work like those you see in the grocery store for fruit. The only difference is the ones used in industrial applications have a much larger capacity. They help save space and weigh awkwardly shaped items in industrial applications. Hanging and crane scales have proved very useful in the industrial field.

Bench Scales

Bench scales are great for workstations. They are conveniently small and have various uses. Bench scales range in capacity and size, and you can use them differently depending on their maximum weight. Consider bench scales for all your industrial needs.

Floor Scales

Floor scales sit on the floor and can be used to weigh heavy objects. They can range significantly in size and capacity, and each one has a variety of applications. Floor scales are one of the favorites of the different scales used in industrial applications. You can find them in almost any warehouse.

Pallet Jack Scales

Pallet jack scales are portable scales and can move to different areas to weigh pallets. Weighing pallets can be very useful to determine where to store products or to load them onto trucks for shipment. Pallet jack scales have many uses in industrial applications.

Truck Scales

A truck scale is a massive set of scales permanently mounted to a sturdy spot on the ground. Weighing trucks when empty and when loaded is critical to keep track of the load carried by each vehicle. Weighing trucks is necessary for industrial fields to keep track of shipments. Think of truck scales the next time you see a weigh station on the highway.

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