The Biggest Hazards Construction Workers Face

The Biggest Hazards Construction Workers Face

Construction is essential in our society, as workers can create things from the ground up. However, while employees are working, they’re faced with various workplace hazards. Knowing the hazards present can help employees understand ways to protect themselves. Here are a few of the biggest hazards construction workers face.


Electrocution is one of the many hazards construction workers must face. These individuals may work with live electrical wiring, so there’s a chance they could get electrocuted. As such, it’s important to teach construction workers about how to deal with electric current—they must understand the common causes of arc flashes. Arc flashes are one of the most dangerous hazards these employees face, so understanding the causes can help prevent an accident. Construction workers also come in contact with overhead and underheard powerlines, which presents the risk of electrocution. Since electrocution can cause fatality, it’s essential that employees do what they can to protect themselves.


Many construction workers work from high heights. Furthermore, large construction projects may require an employee to work in these circumstances for hours at a time. Since these individuals aren’t working at ground level, there’s a risk of falling. Falling from a ladder is one of the hazards associated with working in construction. Employees could also fall from machinery if they don’t properly secure themselves into it. An employee could also fall from a scaffold if the structure isn’t stable.

Struck-By Accidents

Struck-by accidents are one of the biggest hazards construction workers face. This is one of the deadliest hazards associated with being a construction worker. A struck-by accident means an individual is struck by something while on the job. For example, the individual could be struck by machinery, moving materials, or vehicles on site. Additionally, someone working at high heights could drop an item and strike the construction workers below.

Although falling or moving objects often cause struck-by accidents, traffic on construction sites can also cause these accidents. All construction workers must be cautious while on the job to protect themselves and other construction workers. Lastly, improperly stored materials can fall and strike a construction worker. All facilities must be properly organized, and equipment must be properly stored to avoid an accident.

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