Bizarre Discovery Shows Your Bones Could Be Triggering The ‘Fight-or-Flight’ Response

facts about bones osteocalcin

Facts About Bones

Absolutely fascinating work being done here. Turns out your bones and skeleton can trigger the so called “fight or flight” response along with things like adrenaline. has all the details in a fabulous article they published.

If you ever see a nasty Jaguar approaching you or you are in the ocean and see a shark coming, it might be your bones that alert you along with the other systems. The implications are indeed profound.

A cross-section of bone tissue. (tonaquatic/iStock) When faced with a threat, hormones flood our bodies in preparation either for battle or a quick escape – what’s commonly known as the ‘fight-or-flight’ response. For decades, we’ve generally thought this response was driven by hormones such as adrenaline. But it now […]

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