Natural Immunity To Aids

It is possible to be naturally immune to Pasteurella pestis and HIV, the viruses that cause 2 well-known wide spread killers, The Black Plague and AIDS. This is thanks to a genetic mutation in ones DNA called CCR5-delta 32, or Delta 32 for short. This mutation cuts off the means for a virus, to attach to our white blood cells and enter the immune system. It must come from both parents to cause immunity, but if in possession of only one chromosome for delta-32 it is likely to delay the virus from spreading for long periods of time. This mutation isn’t known to ever have a negative effect on any individual, only positive.

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  1. Yes the delta 32 mutation is ONLY found in northern european white people. think… norway, sweden… places like that.

  2. Its about time someone confirmed this. Saw the documentary on tv. Why isn’t this widely known? It is not only in northern european whites. What I mean is that any caucasian whose ancestors were survivors of the plague are likely candidates. Your blood can be tested in the lab.
    Remember the Rocky movie where rocky’s student (Played by Tommy Morrison) left rocky for other management in pursuit of more money. Well guess where this is leading.. In real life he is a professional boxer who, after making the movie was to fight Mike Tyson. During the pre-fight exams he was found to be hiv positive and the fight was called off(Its too bad because he has never lost to this day). Today he is hiv negative with no sign of aids and to my knowledge has taken no treatment and is allowed to box again.1 parent–eventually fight off aids, 2 parents== cannot even directly infect with a syringe and will never happen. To me, this fact, is buried and not widely known on purpose.

  3. Your blood sample can be injected with HIV virus in a vial. If it can be infected, it will turn white. If not it will stay its natural color (not sure of the color)

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  5. my friend is studying biology and in their evolution classes the teacher told them that the persons who are of Scandinavian origin and haven mixed with other nations are immune to AIDS

  6. The cure to AIDS is surprisingly easy . I discovered the medical theory 17 years ago , but have never been able to apply it ! Fight fire with fire , they(aids virus,) trick your immune cells into thinking they are also immune cells ,then kill your healthy immune cells behind their backs , so plant bait , introduce nanno micro robots with a frequency similar to immune cells and an order to destroy its attacker , solves the problem !!

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