Man Versus Horse Race

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Man versus horse marathon has its grounds in Llanwrtyd, Wales which is accounted as the smallest town in Britain. It was in 1980 that there was a competition of two legs against four. A fellow named Green while engrossed in a talk with his two friends in his own hotel Neuadd Arms Hotel came up with a vague proposal that ended in Man versus horse marathon. Since then the race has been run every year, passing through hills, bogs, streams, fields and farms. With every passing year the amount of the prize is increasing by the Canadian $ 2,011. rnrnEvery year this prize is bagged by the horse which is a normal trend. Since the race is being run it is just twice that human has wonrnrnThe first human winner of this race was Huw Lobb, a marathoner who was able to compete with the horse named Kay Bee Jay with a rider Zoe White. Lobb managed to cross the finishing line in the time of 2:05:19 while the horse managed it in the time of 2:07:36. Just a two minute difference brought him the prize of the Canadian $ 50,277. This was the largest prize won in the British athletics. The second human victory was recorded in 2009.rnrnThe human runners get an advantage of time as they eat and drink while running or stop for a while to relax but a horse consumes minimum of 60 minutes to eat and drink and to take rest. This is how a joke over drinks gave birth to a new race.

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  1. Why is this BS story being told? who gives a flying f**k about a human vs horse race? anyone who finds this interesting needs to get a life… and to all those who reply to this… go ahead, i wont be on this site again

  2. It is cool to to that people have learnt to live on da edge, lmao!However this is stupendous…

  3. Wow really this is a very funniest post about horses VS mans marathon race. I knew all years any countries are maximum time through the beautiful big prize based marathon race for mans. But horse with man and two time man was winner, really it is incredulous. Actually I know first time this issue, so I am happy to reading this.
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