5 Interesting Facts About Horses

facts about horses

5 Interesting Facts About Horses

Try as you might, you can’t deny that there’s something regal about horses – their flowy mane, their athletic build or their intelligent eyes. Humans and horses have partnered for work in the past. The advent of automobiles though decreased the need for this partnership by quite a margin, and now we even have self driving electric trucks and delivery robots. However, horses still continue to be routinely useful and a subject of interest for us. Here are 5 interesting facts about horses we bet you didn’t know! –

  • Horses produce 3-10 gallons of saliva on a daily basis, although they only salivate when chewing.
  • A horse may have more than one type of blood. 8 different blood groups have been discovered for horses.
  • The weight of your child’s brain and a full-grown adult’s brain is the same.
  • The American quarter horse is the most popular breed of horse in the world.
  • The length of a horse is measured in “hands”. A pony is determined if the horse is less than 14.2 hands in measurement.

Just as dogs and cats, horses too were domesticated by humankind thousands of years ago. The average lifespan of these animals is 30 years and you can guess at their age by having a look at their dentures. Now, don’t forget to share these facts about horses, with that friend interested in horse-racing, the next time you meet them!

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