The Truth About Minerals

most abundant mineral in the body

Minerals Definition – defines minerals as the following: A naturally occurring, homogeneous inorganic solid substance having a definite chemical composition and characteristic crystalline structure, color, and hardness. An inorganic element, such as calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, or zinc, that is essential to the nutrition of humans, animals, and plants.

What Are Minerals?

Minerals are things found naturally that our bodies need to function.  A lot of General Practitioners argue that a balanced diet is all we need to live healthy. They are so wrong!

50 years ago, a plate of spinach contained all the minerals we needed to live healthier, but due to over farming, even if you eat a tablespoonful of spinach, there are some minerals such as mobidium, selenium and other trace minerals that are missing. Besides, a General Practitioner only studies nutrition on one semester, while nutritionists study the whole course! Minerals are the actual tools that repair your body!

Most Abundant Mineral In The Body

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body.

Harvard medical School has published a comprehensive and easy to use toolkit for the best foods to consume with the most minerals.  You can see that report here. 


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most abundant mineral in the body

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  1. I think that this is a really good website! It it put together well…which make it easy to follow along! It helped me a lot with my homework too!

  2. Wow, i went to a g.practitioner when i had this condition with my nails. it is said that if your nails aren’t growing smooth then you are missing some minerals.

    and you know what? he told me the exact same thing: “all you need is to eat well balanced meals.” its true, i do have to since back then i consumed too much Coca-Cola.

    Interesting, now i know what to tell him the next time i see that IGNORANT BASTARD! thank you 🙂

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