Innovative Parking Structures From Around the World

Innovative Parking Structures From Around the World

Busy cities all over the world must get creative with parking solutions to provide spaces for their residents and visitors. These examples of some of the most innovative parking structures from around the world show how recent technology, like automated parking systems, can help solve many parking problems. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing innovations.

Al Jahra, Kuwait Parking Facility

A parking structure in Al Jahra, Kuwait, currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest automated parking facility in the world. This parking facility by Robotic Parking Systems Inc. has a maximum capacity of 2,314 parking spaces. The automated nature of the facility allows it to store 3.5 times the number of parking spaces as a traditional parking facility with the same volume of space. The car retrieval time for this system is also fast, with a retrieval time of 177 seconds per car.

The previous record holder for the largest automated parking system in the world was the Emirates Financial Towers in Dubai. The 1,191 parking spaces in these towers previously held the Guinness World Record, which still leaves it over 1,000 spaces behind the current record holder.

Wolfsburg, Germany Parking System

Speaking of retrieval times, the automated parking system with the world’s fastest retrieval time is located in Wolfsburg, Germany. This parking system holds a Guinness World Record for the fastest automated parking facility. The retrieval time from the tower entrance to the furthest parking spot is a mere 1 minute and 44 seconds. At their fastest, the robotic shuttles that transport the cars can take as little as 45 seconds to process each car.

Aarhus, Denmark Parking System

The largest automated parking system in Europe isn’t quite the size of the Kuwait or Dubai facilities, but it does have room for 1,000 cars. This facility sports an impressive 20 car lifts to store and retrieve cars. This makes the Aarhus, Denmark, parking system another one of the most innovative parking structures from around the world.

Automated Parking in the United States

While the United States still has some catching up to do when it comes to utilizing automated parking systems, many smaller facilities are starting to take advantage of the storage benefits. Many systems are starting to pop up in larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and more.

Hopefully, this list of advancements in automated parking from around the world has provided an interesting look at the future of car parking. These parking solutions can help businesses and venues solve many common parking challenges that busy areas like these cities face every day.

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