Hungary’s unexpected oil bonanza

interesting facts about Hungary

Interesting Facts About Hungary reports on this “unexpected” discovery of large oil reserves in Hungary. One can’t help but wonder how much of this is truly “unexpected”. The facts are that Hungary imports most of its oil from Russia currently.

The facts also include Russia’s desire to sell as much oil as possible (like any nation that exports oil) and Hungary’s desire for more energy independence. Not clear however is how many of these “discoveries” are kept from the public or perhaps controlled in some manner and released as “news” incrementally over time. The most interesting fact of all: there is so much more we either don’t know about the planet or have not been granted the right and permission to know. We don’t even know or are told officially what is in the ocean and how much stuff we could get from outer space and asteroids that could be useful to humanity. Why is that?

Bund gibt Milliardengarantie für Pipeline aus Aserbaidschan (picture-alliance/dpa) When the Hungarian-US companies Horizon Energy and TDE Services said recently that they had made the largest oil discovery in southwestern Hungary in the last 30 years, global oil markets barely noticed. But the discovery gives Budapest an added tool in […]

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