How to rent a marquee for a wedding: when to do it, what budget, what advantages?

family wedding marquee

In winter and summer, the wedding marquee has become essential in Auckland. This growing success can be explained by the comfort conditions of the marquee which have significantly improved. Because it can be installed in the homes of the bride and groom or parents, the marquee also offers the advantage of proximity. It is the bride and groom who decide to place their reception space where they want and not the other way around.

Already a family wedding marquee (60 square meters)

On the budget side, the rental of a marquee can in some cases be cheaper than the “room rental” option. We can already find a wedding marquee for a low price at tent hire Auckland, in the event that you help the contractor to set up the marquee: “It is a solution more and more requested and appreciated. People go up the tent with me and therefore benefit from a price significantly cheaper. But it can also handle up the entire infrastructure ourselves. “

How to prepare your marquee or wedding tent rental?

To make sure you get all the services you need for a marquee rental for a wedding, consider the following:

Contact the marquee rental company at least three months in advance.

This will allow you to have the desired marquee with more certainty. Note that the month of June is the most popular for weddings.

Choose the surface of the wedding tent (or marquee).

To accommodate 50 people, a tent of 60 square meters is sufficient. The largest (440 square meters) can accommodate 440 guests.

Choose the location for the wedding marquee.

 If you want a marquee floor, ideally the surface should be flat. In all cases, the assembly area must be accessible to vehicles.

Floor or not?

Up to you! Some prefer, in summer, to keep the natural character of the floor, while others will opt for a wooden floor covered with rugs, much cozier. “For information, we offer no less than 30 different colors of marquee rugs “, adds the pattern of tent hire Auckland. The carpet can therefore perfectly match the toppings of the wedding.

Opt for auxiliary services:

 Draping the wedding marquee, provision of chairs, tables, eat-up: a good wedding marquee hire must be able to offer these services. Not to mention that in autumn or winter renting a marquee with heating is very pleasant.

Require the presence of the wedding marquee for 5 days

Ideally, a professional marquee rental company should set up the infrastructure two to three days before the ceremony, and leave it there two days afterward (unless the client has other requirements). “People must have enough time to prepare the tent. it is advisable to give them time to recover from their emotions and to have everything cleared “.

In all cases, do not hesitate to submit a request for a free estimate for tent rental from tent hire Auckland, or simply ask for information. This does not commit you to anything!

it is quite possible to use a reception tent, a folding Barnum, or even a storage tent in winter, even on snowy or strong windy days. A stable structure, with a PVC tarpaulin and with a ground frame or other stability reinforcements will be perfect as an outdoor space, especially for professionals, restaurants, or sales for example. Our fireproof steel and PVC marquees can also be heated, to prevent freezing or simply to warm guests. In markets and fairs, folding Barnum’s are particularly practical thanks to their lightness and speed of installation. Our storage tents can be used for many uses, to store goods or protect your car against hail for example.

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