How To Reduce Stress as a Truck Driver

How To Reduce Stress as a Truck Driver

Truck drivers get a bad reputation. The job might not seem appealing to computer-driven professionals, but short- and long-haul drivers undergo strenuous working conditions. They’re responsible for transporting cargo to their destinations for the benefit of consumers. Trucking is a crucial asset to supply chains, and to maintaining a strong economy overall. With that said, being a truck driver is not as easy as it looks. Drivers need special licensing to safely and effectively perform their duties while simultaneously monitoring their health and wellbeing. Like any job, there are stressors involved that can affect job performance, like road construction, traffic stops, and aggressive motorists. Here are some tips on how to reduce stress as a truck driver for anyone who’s interested or needs advice on improving their work safety.

Take Frequent Breaks

Being a truck driver means driving for endless hours for days transporting cargo to its destination. Therefore, it’s only natural to take breaks. Rest areas and truck stops are great places to pull over and take a break. Breaks allow you to decompress, breathe, stretch, use the bathroom, shower, change clothes, and grab a hot cup of coffee and a snack. Even periodic half-hour breaks are enough to rejuvenate and revitalize.

Listen To Something

Music, radio, or podcasts are also great ways to keep yourself entertained while driving long distances. Trucking can be a lonely profession. Listening to your favorite songs or podcasts keeps your brain stimulated while staring at the road for hours on end. Doing so also helps lower stress levels and keeps you calm on the road.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Incidents happen, which is why it’s important to keep a clean driving record at all times. Even licensed CDL drivers understand the importance of maintaining a clean driving record. That’s not to say traffic stops or accidents never happen. This is why having expert legal advice comes in handy. Having a CDL traffic ticket lawyer helps maintain keep your driving record clean and fights unnecessarily costly tickets. Having legal support also protects your driving status and your job from extraneous legal fights.

Eat Well

Trucking does not provide ample opportunity to exercise and eat well, but you should still do your best to keep a healthy, well-balanced diet while on the job. One way to reduce stress as a truck driver is to eat nutritious meals. It might tempt you to eat fast food or junk foods since they’re cheap, tasty, and disposable, but you should do your best to stick to healthy snacks and meals. You’ll feel better overall, given how eating junk foods leads to chronic illnesses, raises cortisol levels, increases cardiac issues, increases levels of obesity, and raises your cholesterol.


Finally, make sure to sleep. Just like taking breaks, remember to get adequate sleep to rest and recover from the job. Short-distance drivers might not need to worry about this, but long-haul drivers certainly do. Relying on energy drinks or coffee affects reaction time and offers only a temporary solution to restlessness. If you feel drowsy at any point, pull over to a rest stop and sleep. You’ll make the roads safer for both you and other motorists, all the while doing your body good.

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