How To Improve Your Ethernet Signal Strength

How To Improve Your Ethernet Signal Strength

With the limited connectivity that wireless internet provides, going with an Ethernet internet connection is almost always the more solid choice. However, conditions and location can affect this choice. If you’re in a remote location or a place where the internet isn’t as widely used, then you may need some additional resources to help you get the connection you need. Here are a few tips for how you can improve your Ethernet signal strength no matter where you are.

Replace Your Existing Cable

Whenever you’re considering upgrading your existing Ethernet connection, it’s always good to start small. That said, check your Ethernet cable to see what type it is. If it’s anything below Cat 5, then you probably need a Cat 6 cable. This will bring you up to speed in no time, and it will also be a relatively inexpensive upgrade.

Use a Fiber Media Converter

When you’re working with fiber media, you’ll notice that you can extend the length of your cable extension, as the fiber itself has special properties: namely, it’s completely immune to electromagnetic interference. People often have problems with their connections due to this interference, so a fiber media converter can stretch your distance and improve your signal if you choose this avenue.

Use UTP Ethernet Extenders

Sometimes old technology can prove useful. By resourcing old telephone cables, UTP (unshielded twisted pair) Ethernet extenders allows you to extend your range by 500 meters and, in some cases, up to 2.5 kilometers. This is an incredible amount of distance to extend Ethernet capability with minimal resources.

Use a Wireless Ethernet Extension

With 5G on the rise, utilizing wireless Ethernet extensions to provide high-speed internet to hard-to-reach locations only makes sense. The wiring for this extension requires one cable for the source and another for the destination. This type of extension is a perfect fit for industrial scenarios, which often have multiple users online at once and which require the highest bandwidth possible.

Try a Cellular Extension

As a very last resort, you can use a cellular extension. This is truly no different than the early pioneer days of using cell phones for their tethering abilities. With this kind of connection, you’ll rely solely on your mobile or smart device to provide you with service. This is for people who are well beyond the power grid.

Hopefully, this has brought an understanding of the ways you can best utilize your Ethernet connection. From people who need to advance their connections by adding something to boost them to those who just need to patch their signals, there’s something for everyone. These tips for how you can improve your Ethernet signal strength will allow you to remain confident that you’ll always stay connected.

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