How To Improve ED? Facts About Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

best treatment for erectile dysfunction

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is often thought to occur in older men, but it can also occur in people in their 20s & 30s when they are in their prime. ED not only reduces physical function but can also lead to decreased self-image. In addition, early treatment is important because it may be an early symptom of lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

There are various treatment methods available at hospitals that treat ED, such as medication with ED treatments, treatment with treatment equipment, treatment with corpus cavernosum injection, and treatment with penile prosthesis surgery. In order not to cause ED, always try to eat regularly and exercise.

What is ED? Explain the causes and symptoms

ED (Erectile Dysfunction / Erectile Dysfunction) is often thought of as a common symptom in older men, but it can also occur in people in their 20s and 30s when they are in their prime. It can be said that it is a familiar disease that affects 1 in 4 Japanese men. Since ED reduces physical function, dissatisfaction with intimate life can lead to loss of self-confidence as a man and a factor that lowers self-image. In addition, there is a possibility of early symptoms of lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia, so it is necessary to take appropriate measures at an early stage without disregarding it as “sometimes”.

“Organic ED” caused by age-related arteriosclerosis and neuropathy

Age-related ED is often said to be caused by arteriosclerosis, which hardens blood vessels. Arteriosclerosis impairs blood circulation and prevents sufficient blood from reaching the corpus cavernosum. Due to the effects of lifestyle-related diseases, the strain on blood vessels may cause arteriosclerosis and cause ED. In addition, neuropathy and urinary system diseases are also more likely to develop.

“Psychogenic ED” caused by stress and anxiety

If the mental stress or anxiety is too strong, the physical excitement will not be transmitted well to the erectile center around the waist, and blood will not flow into the corpus cavernosum penis, making it more likely to develop ED. Psychogenic ED is a symptom that is especially common in people in their 30s and 40s, and is caused by stress in daily life. Poor physical intercourse can be traumatic, and the anxiety can create a vicious circle that exacerbates. Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100 the treatment for ED.

“Mixed ED” in which organic ED and psychogenic ED are intertwined

The ED that is often seen in people in their 50s and 60s is the “mixed ED,” which is a combination of organic ED and psychogenic ED. Mental stress is intertwined with diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes to cause ED. ED is a common illness not only in the elderly but also in middle-aged men and has a potential cause of erectile dysfunction in both the mind and body.

Foods and nutrients that are said to be effective in improving ED

To improve ED, it is also important to reconsider your eating habits and lifestyle. ED remedies do not cure once used but support erectile dysfunction. With the support of ED treatments, take a balanced intake of foods and nutrients that improve blood flow and activate androgens in order to improve from within the body.

Ingredients containing zinc that can be expected to eliminate ED

Zinc is one of the nutrients that can be expected to eliminate ED. Zinc is also an indispensable ingredient for men and is said to have the function of improving thinning hair and promoting sperm production. Seafood such as oysters and crabs and meats such as pork liver and lean meat are known as zinc-rich foods. It is important to take vitamin C together to increase the absorption of zinc. On the other hand, seaweeds excrete zinc, so be careful when eating.

A protein that activates male hormones

In order to activate the male hormone (testosterone), it is necessary to take high-quality protein actively. When male hormones decrease, it has a great effect not only on ED but also on the mental side. Tadalista 20 and Tadacip 20 is said to be effective in preventing and improving ED, so it is advisable to incorporate ingredients containing high-quality proteins such as meat, eggs, soybeans, and fish into the diet in a well-balanced manner.

Vitamin E keeps reproductive function normal

Vitamin E has the function of maintaining the normal reproductive function, and like protein, it is one of the nutrients that can be expected to improve menopause. In addition, it activates hormone secretion and can be expected to promote blood circulation, so it can be said to be necessary nutrition for improving ED. Ingredients that contain vitamin E include avocado, eel, moroheiya, and sardines.

Arginine and taurine can be expected to improve blood flow

Nutrients that can be expected to improve blood flow include arginine, taurine, and allicin. Arginine works to improve erectile power and is a nutrient contained in almonds and stewed pork. Taurine is abundant in seafood such as octopus, squid, and saury, and allicin is abundant in garlic, leeks, and leeks.

Allicin and mucin have a fatigue recovery effect.

There are various causes of ED, but recovering from fatigue is an important factor in improving ED. One of the problems of poor blood circulation is muscle fatigue and physical fatigue, and foodstuffs containing allicin, mucin, and taurine are said to have a fatigue recovery effect. Mucin is often found in sticky foods such as natto, yam, okra, moroheiya, and nameko, and because of its heat-sensitive nature, it is recommended to eat it as it is without heating.

Review whether there are any improvements in your daily life, such as eating, exercising, and sleeping.

Balanced diet and regular life

It is important to keep a well-balanced diet to improve erection and reproductive function. In particular, proteins, vitamins, and minerals are indispensable, and it is effective to take other ingredients that enhance energy. I regular lifestyles such as smoking, drinking, and lack of sleep can also affect your erection, so try to improve your chronic lifestyle habits.

Improve blood flow with muscle training, stretching, acupoints, etc.

Lack of exercise can cause low circulation, and weakened muscles can be a factor in reducing erection. Muscle training trains the lower body such as squats, a hip stretch that promotes blood flow in the hip joint, heels on the soles that relieve stress symptoms, and acupuncture points around the ankle, which is the reflex area of ​​the prostate, are also effective exercises for improving ED.

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