How to find What Office Version of Microsoft do you have?

What Office Version of Microsoft do you have

Microsoft Office is one of the most frequently used products for businesses all over the globe. It offers an array of software essential to any company or person looking to work effectively, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. But, with various variations of Microsoft Office Version available, it can be challenging to determine which one best fits your requirements.

We’ll look at a close look at the different editions of Microsoft Office and their functions.

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Microsoft Office Online

What Version of Microsoft Office do you have?

If you’re planning to upgrade, it’s simple to determine the version of Microsoft Office you have installed. If you’ve downloaded all applications simultaneously, they should all be running the same performance.

For the article, we’ll be working with Microsoft Word. The procedure may differ slightly based on the features of your device and the app you use; however, it should be relatively simple to locate:

Start the Office application of your preference. It should see a home screen that is similar to the one below.

  • In the lower-left corner, click on ‘Account’.
  • In the ‘Product Information section, search for “About Word”. 
  • To find out the date the version was released, a quick internet search will you the date. you
  • But, the procedure differs for older Office applications. In Word 2010, select “File” and then “Help’. The information will be displayed to the left of the screen, as you can see below.

It’s different in Word 2007. Select the round Microsoft Office icon in the top left-hand corner, and then choose “Word Options” at the lower end of this menu. After that, select Resources, the final option in the left-hand side panel. Then, you should find an ‘About’ button near the lower part of the list to give you additional information regarding your version.

In the version for 2003, navigate to the Help menu in the top menu bar, then click on the “About Microsoft Office Word” option. When you open the pop-up, you can see Microsoft Office World 2003. MS Office World version and the suite it belongs to, such as Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003.

How is Microsoft Office installed on a laptop or computer?

In the days that went by in the past, the most effective (and only) way to obtain Office was to purchase an entire CD-ROM at a single cost and then install it on your computer or laptop. Nowadays, that’s a hassle, considering that some laptops not even possessing disc drives anymore, and it was still a great way to make sure you could have a backup on paper.

Presently, Office Version is available as a download. However, you can purchase it by making a single purchase or subscribing to an ongoing subscription. All Microsoft product that falls under the ‘365 scope is subscription-based, which refers to how many days in a year. 

Number of calendar days in the year. Any Microsoft product without the word ‘365’ in its name will likely be a single-purchase – ideal to consider if you want to pay only once. However, you aren’t capable of upgrading the software using online updates as you can through 365 subscriptions.

Many variations of Office are available in the market, and you should select the most suitable option based on your requirements. Even though this buying guide applies to every device, Mac users might want to look over the particular Office for Mac buying guide on our sister website Macworld.

We’ll first break down the Office options if you buy it for your private use at home or for student use. Then, we’ll move through the options if you are purchasing it to work or for use in an organization of a smaller size.

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