Advanced Tools To Add to Your Blacksmithing Workshop

Advanced Tools To Add to Your Blacksmithing Workshop

Every blacksmith starts with the essential tools of the trade—hammers, an anvil, a forge, and tongs. Once you elevate your skills and learn new techniques, you’ll quickly become familiar with the beginner tools. After mastering the basics, it’s time to upgrade to more advanced tools of the trade. Here are some advanced tools to add to your blacksmithing workshop once you master the basics.

A New Forge

Consider your experience level when deciding between an electric and a propane forge. Electric forges are best for new blacksmiths, thanks to their ease of use. Once you get used to the forge, you can try out various models. Coke and charcoal forges are popular among advanced blacksmiths due to their ability to reach high temperatures. These models are generally more difficult to control, but by the advanced stage, you’ll have all the necessary knowledge to keep the flames burning strong.

Additional Hammers

If you’re feeling limited with the same flat head and round hammers, try investing in some new tools. Stocking a wider variety of blacksmithing hammers will allow you to experiment with new techniques. For example, you can practice upsetting, punching, and annealing. Apply these techniques to craft a variety of items, such as replica weapons and sword smithing.

Hammer Kits

Not only will you be able to experiment with new hammers as an advanced blacksmith, but you can also delve into making your own! Once you become a more experienced smith, you’ll have a better idea of the qualities you look for in hammers. Experiment with different styles and shapes. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, make it yourself! Hammer-making kits come with billets and wood for the handle. You can also pick up these items from your local hardware store.

If you’re starting to outgrow your tools and techniques as a blacksmith, add some of these advanced tools to your workshop. As an advanced smith, you can craft new materials and practice new techniques every day.

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