How to Find a Duplicate Picture over the Internet?

Duplicate Picture

Finding duplicate images and pictures over the internet falls under the jurisdiction of the reverse image search technique. In this resource, we are going to tell you all about the reverse image search and the important tools on the web that can help you find duplicate pictures without any trouble. Some many engines and websites are offering a reverse image search service. Still, you must hook up with the highest authority tools that can help you in finding image duplication with full security. 

Finding images or results relative to them was first introduced by Google images in the late ’90s. This search feature of the tool was named as a reverse image search. Working with the reverse image can be fun if you know how it can help you. Before we tell you about the best reverse image platforms, you must know about the different sorts of results that you can cater to this search technique!

Things you can find with reverse image search!

Here are the search results that you can cater to reverse image searching!

  • First, you should know that you can easily find out similar images on the internet for the input image. 
  • You can know about the websites and the web pages that are using your images without your permission which is also known as finding image duplication/plagiarism.
  • With the reverse image search, you can easily help yourself in the same images but with different shapes and sizes or layouts.
  • Reverse image searching can help you know about the details of an image. You can know about the person on an image, the location and even the objects on an image!
  • With the reverse image search technique, you can create backlink opportunities. The backlinks can be created by getting information about the websites that are having similar images as yours on their interface!
  • You can also find out about the images of different qualities available online with the reverse search technique!

Below we have mentioned some of the best platforms that can help you in making a reverse image search so that you can find image plagiarism/duplication!

Best reverse image search platforms available in 2020

Today the problem of image plagiarism has increased; thus, you must hook up with the best reverse image platforms available online. 

Reverse image search by SearchEngineReports

SearchEngineReports is famous when it comes to providing free seo related services. The search by image tool by is very easy to use, this is why I have added this tool to the top of the list. You can make a reverse image search via three different input sources using this online tool. You can make a photo search using keywords, image URL and even the image itself! You have to add the input on the website and press the “Search” button. You will be provided with the most relative and accurate results from the 3 major search engines as mentioned Google, Bing and yahoo!

Tin eye reverse image search

This reverse image search utility is also amongst the leading ones on the internet. We want you to know that there are more than twenty billion web pages filled up with images in the database of this program. This reverse image search tool is known to be one of the best programs that can beat the google images services. You can use this reverse image search tool as a browser plugin so that you can use it directly with any browser that you have. The working of this site is quite simple, and you can easily find out image plagiarism with it and that too for free!

Yandex image search engine

Among the image search engines, Yandex is the one that has gained much fame, especially in reverse searching on images. If you are facing trouble related to image duplication, then this is the best platform for you. We want you to know that this Russian image search engine is among the best platforms that can help you find meta details about an image and its existence on the internet. This image search engine also allows you to make a reverse image search based on three different inputs including images, keywords and image URL as well!

Image raider 

Imageraider is another reverse search tool that can help you find image duplication by outsourcing the services from image search engines like Bing, Google and even Yandex! The most attractive feature of this reverse search tool is that it can help you search 20 images in one go without any trouble and restrictions. You can also call this reverse search tool your private reverse image search engine!

All of these platforms can help you find out image duplication and plagiarism. You can also get alerts if someone steals your images using different features of these tools!

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