How to Do Mice Removal from Walls and Attics

Do you have a mouse problem? If yes, you’d know how much of a pain these little crawlers can be. Their favorite hiding places are little gaps inside walls and all of the attics to keep them warm. And yes, mice do like to keep warm. That is one of the top reasons why they would come to your building. Mice removal from walls and attics can be quite a tricky job.

Adult house mice will usually be dusty gray with lighter colored bellies. These will be somewhere in the range of 2.5-4 inches in size. Unlike their other scarier cousins, the rats, mice do actually stop growing. Also, mice are some of the hardiest most adaptive pests known to man. Mice removal is a hard job on its own. Especially, when you have these roaming around inside walls and in an attic, the problem gets multiplied.

Why You Don’t Want Mice in Walls and Attics

Rodents are the most efficient bacteria and virus carriers. They are very unhygienic as well at the same time. The notorious bubonic plague of the middle ages taught us why small rodents like mice and rats should not be allowed near us at any time. All that and then the destructive characteristics of mice and you surely don’t want these in your walls and attics.

  • Mice are health risks and can carry bacteria and viruses anywhere
  • Mice are very unhygienic leaving behind dirty, filth, and feces
  • Particles from mice urine and feces can become an airborne spreading disease and also potentially allergies like asthma more widely
  • Mice droppings can accumulate quickly becoming large piles of unwanted problems
  • Mice removal becomes even more necessary when they bring and attract other pests like ticks, mites, fleas, and/or lice in your home
  • Mice can get inside walls and floor gaps where they can even chew on wiring and drain pipes
  • These pests can chew on many other things as well rendering them useless

Risks of Unprofessional Mice Kill

Killing mice and other rodents that might be occupying your walls and attics are easy. You can get mice killing materials that can be mixed with food that you can feed them. However, when you need mice removal from inside walls, attics, and floors, this may not be the recommended solution.

Because mice will eat this poison that you place in the shape of small balls mixed with other foods, they can die anywhere they might be. Even a single mouse inside any wall or attic can be quite nasty and a whole other problem. All those insects that will come to feast on its dead body will be bigger problems.

Once they die inside a wall or attic, mice removal becomes difficult. Locating them is a problem of its own. If not removed quickly, their body will produce the worst decaying odors. Professional pest control Vancouver services will be needed to wisely plan a course of action once these are in your walls/attic.

Mice Prevention Tips for All Buildings

Mice infestations are always best thought of before they happen. Mice problems can quickly escalate once they find a way inside your home or building. Keeping them out of your walls and attics might be the safest most efficient way to go. These creatures can fit inside tiny holes and cracks. To save your from hectic mice removal, here are some mice prevention tips:

  • Regularly inspect your walls and attics and look for droppings, weird smells, and noises
  • Seal any and all gaps or cracks inside walls that might provide passage for mice
  • Do vent inspections regularly and remove anything that might attract these rodents
  • Keep your trash areas clean and tidy and use air-sealed trash bags for the rubbish
  • Get trash bins with lids that can be completely closed to seal away any smell of rotting food
  • Make sure no water or liquid is close to your food waste area helping it decay faster

Warning Signs for Mice Infestations

If you see any mice warning signs on your property, surely, you will need mice removal from a professional. Be sure to contact your pest control Surrey or any other local service provider. Some of the most common warning signs for mice infestations include:

  • Mouse droppings measuring in the range of 0.125 to 0.25 inches scattered around at different places in the property. These will be shaped like a rod with pointed ends.
  • Distinctive ammonia like the smell from mouse urine can be clearly identified from anything else in or around the property.
  • Evidence of mouse or rodent movement around the house or property. Rodents usually use the same pathways as they go hunting for food. Trails, rub marks and footprints can be clues.
  • Look for borrows of different chewable materials. These may include cereals, insects, seeds, and even insulation that they will not eat and only destroy.
  • Strange noises and also gnawing from mice. These sounds will be low pitched very fast-paced. And, when walls or attic, you can hear them moving quite briskly.

Professional Mice Removal

Surely, it would be easier to just feed them poison and kill all of them inside your walls and attics. Right! Well, if only it were that easy. Mice removal has much more to it than just killing them wherever possible. To avoid more insects coming to feast on dead mice bodies and their intense decaying odor, you need professional mice removal.

Call on a professional pest control Abbotsford service provider or one that is local to you. Ask them the best rodent removal service. Also, get mice control and prevention done for the entire property as well. Professional mice removal experts also specialize in laying pest boundaries of all kinds. These will prevent pesky rodents like mice from entering your walls and attics in the first place.

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