How to do easy skateboarding tricks for beginners

skateboarding tricks

Skateboarding is generally an outdoor activity. So, it’s a little hard to learn new tricks right now when you should stay home. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space in your garden, terrace, large balcony, or living room, you can always learn some tips.

Since we are far from our safety concerns, it is time to step on the board and learn easy skateboard tricks for beginners.

Skateboard tricks for beginners:

However, before you start easy skateboard tricks, make sure that the trick is suitable for a skateboard. 

Tic Tac

If you know how to make snow, TicTac will be very easy for you to learn. In this trick, you use your shoulders to steer as you run left and right on the board.

The trick is a simple trick to improve your leadership skills.

To run Tic Tac, follow two simple steps:

  • Use your shoulders to turn around to gain momentum, transfer your weight to your hips, and then turn to your feet.
  • Give the tail a little weight so that it moves from side to side.


Before running the cave, make sure you know the basics of balance and direction.

To learn how to perform a cave, simply follow these instructions:

  • Hold the nose of the board in your hand.
  • Make sure your thumb is on the deck.
  • Start running slowly and jump in the air with your hind legs.
  • At the same time, but the table under your feet.
  • Sit on the table with your feet and keep moving forward.
  • To learn this trick better, it’s a good idea to start with the practice of running and sitting on the board. All you have to do is running up to the plateau and jump. Keep moving forward while your feet are sitting at the table.

Practice a few times before trying the caveman. If you plan to do some complicated tricks in the end, the caves are a must-see. Understanding it early gives you a starting point, as it is the basis of many other things.

Acid Drop

The Acid Drop, also known as the Bomb Drop, might seem tricky, but in reality, it’s pretty straightforward, especially if you are already proficient in the Ollie Pick Up.

To make an acid drop, follow these steps:

  • When riding, lean on the tail and pop the board. To do this, apply pressure to the heel of the plank with your hind legs so that your nose is in the air.
  • Hold your nose as it rises and place your feet on the floor.
  • Rotate the board towards you
  • When the board comes to you, jump high enough to land on the board. Note that if you rock the board low, you don’t have to jump very high to land on the board.

Front 50-50 Grind

Frontside 50-50 Grind is an easy trick, but compared to the other tips on this list, it can be a harder time to learn. This trick polishes objects such as shelves and borders.

Before you start learning this trick, make sure you have mastered Ollie.

To perform the 50-50 single-sided grind, proceed as follows:

  • The first step is for Ollie to climb the ledge.
  • When sitting on the ledge, make sure one side of the wheel is locked to the side. This will prevent the board from slipping.
  • Use the truck to slide along the ledge and get off.
  • This trick is easy to do if you practice each step individually. First, practice Ollie on the shelf. It’s a good idea to start with low brakes and build your path as you improve.

Then practice shaving the shelves. To do this, place the table on a shelf. Run and jump on the board by sliding the track along the shelves.

If you can easily perform these steps individually, you can practice together. Learning the 50-50 Front End Network will help you learn how to create an axis stall with a ramp.

The Hippie Jump

If you’ve seen the skateboarding documentaries Dogtown and Z-Boys, you’ve probably seen the hippie jumps that were happening.

This is a great trick to accomplish when faced with obstacles such as low railings and benches. The basic idea is to feed the board under an obstacle so that it comes from below as you jump over the board and land on it.

Here’s how to perform a hippie jump in three easy steps:

  • When there is an obstacle nearby, push the board slightly to roll it under the obstacle.
  • Jump over obstacles at the same time.
  • Land on the board as it rolls under obstacles.

The key to doing this trick is to time the jump and give enough force to the push so that it can land on the board when it comes from below.


What is the easiest skateboard trick to teach beginners?

The easiest and most useful trick for beginners to practice is Tic Tac. Not only is it easy to do, but it also helps you improve your riding skills.

What is the most difficult skating trick?

Probably the toughest skating trick for beginners is Frontside 50-50 Grind. However, since Frontside 50-50 is a combination of other tricks, it may be easier to learn if you break the steps.

What size skateboard is suitable for beginners?

Your skateboard style and skill level are important factors to consider when looking at skateboard size. The size of the board should be appropriate for the style and level of skating.

Which skateboard is best for beginners?

Control is essential in learning to skateboard. Controlling your skateboard makes it easy to use and perform tricks. Skateboards that provide control and balance to skaters are great for beginners.

In addition, it is advisable to get a board with a high-quality structure. The first time you remove the board you will encounter some obstacles. You don’t want the table to split in half immediately after a few turns.

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