How to Create a Calming Sleep Environment for Your Child

Create a Calming Sleep Environment

A well-rested child is a happy, healthy child. As nice as that sounds, getting children to sleep can be quite the task, especially hyperactive toddlers and restless adolescents. And even when they finally fall asleep, they might be light sleepers who wake up multiple times throughout the night. Some lifestyle and decor changes can be adapted to ease their transition into slumberland. In this blog, we bring you tips and tricks that can help you create a calming sleep environment for your child to assist them in falling asleep and staying in bed till morning without any disturbance.

Maintain Optimal Temperature

Parents often make the mistake of overdressing children during bedtime. Mostly, the children end up being too warm and uncomfortable. Don’t bundle your child up in layers of clothes and blankets, or set the temperature of the room too high. Research has shown that temperature is a primary factor that affects the circadian cycle, and further states that “heat exposure increases wakefulness”. Therefore, the key is maintaining optimal room and body temperature – not too old, not too cold. To save you from going crazy about finding the exact formula, experts recommend keeping the temperature anywhere between 18-21℃ (65-72 F). 

Banish the Light & Welcome the Dark

By maintaining a cosy, dark ambience, you signal to your child’s body that it’s time to wind down. This simple adjustment encourages melatonin production, the sleep-inducing hormone, ensuring your little one enjoys a restful night’s sleep without disturbance. Invest in good blackout curtains that block out invasive street lights and the noisy neighbourhood to help your child sleep. Additionally, blackout curtains also assist with afternoon naps as they can block incoming sunlight effectively to turn days into nights within your kid’s room or baby’s nursery.

Opt for made-to-measure curtains instead of low-quality mass-made curtains that cannot be customised to seal light leaks. By incorporating custom blackout curtains into your child’s room, you choose heading styles that do not have any gaps to prevent light leaks from the top and also create a custom fit that enhances the effectiveness of your blackout curtains. This tailored approach optimises the room’s darkness and eliminates any gaps from which light can enter. 

Keep Clutter-Free Room for Distraction-Free Mind

A tidy and organized sleep environment minimizes visual and mental stimuli that may disrupt your child’s ability to wind down. So, declutter the room and remove unnecessary items, toys, or excessive decorations from their sleeping space. A simplified and orderly room helps create a serene atmosphere, allowing your child to focus on relaxation rather than being surrounded by distractions. 

Screen Detox & Meditation

Screen detox and meditation are habits that are not just needed for adults; they should be drilled into children so they learn to be healthy from a young age. In today’s digitally-driven age with countless stressors, these are essential practices not only for adults and children alike. Instilling these habits at a young age promotes a healthy lifestyle, assisting the mind in calming down and falling asleep. You may also try white noise if they need external stimuli to help them relax.

Comfy Bedding for Comfy Sleeping

Opt for soft, high-quality sheets and pillowcases to turn your bedroom into a warm retreat and create a cosy sleeping environment. Consider the season and choose breathable materials like cotton for summer and warmer options for winter. A comfortable mattress and supportive pillows are equally important for a good night’s rest. Tailoring the bedding to your child’s preferences with favourite colours or patterns adds a personal touch, making the bedtime even more inviting. However, do keep the colours on the soothing side, best option is to choose pastel shades of their favourite colours.

In Conclusion

We hope these tips will help you create the perfect sleep haven for your child and as they sleep, you also get to catch up on some sleep. So, here’s to peaceful nights, sweet dreams, and the joy of watching your child peacefully slumber in a space designed just for them.

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