How Outsourcing Can Help SMBs

If you have a start-up, or you run a small to medium sized business (SMB), then the best use of your time is to focus on your market. When you have limited resources, it can feel like a major drain to have to deal with things like accounting, marketing, or IT, when what you really want to be focusing on is getting customers and delivering a top quality product or service. This is why outsourcing is an excellent practice for SMBs.

TechQuarters is a Managed Services Provider London based SMBs have been working with for over a decade. One of their key markets is SMBs and start-ups that are looking to outsource their IT support to a third-party that have the time and resources to manage their infrastructure for them. The reason their IT support for small business is so successful, is because businesses want to be able to wash their hands of the day-to-day headaches of IT, and with TechQuarters they can get on with what they do best, confident that someone is there if an IT issue occurs.

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

The main benefit is the cost saving. Often, the services that businesses outsource are ones that require lots of time and money to be done correctly. For instance, IT support cannot be scrimped on, and doing so may jeopardise your business in the event of a cyber attack or a catastrophic IT failure. Additionally, an outsourced service provider usually has a large workforce or experienced professionals. Comparatively, as an SMB, your budget for hiring personnel is very limited. Trying to build a professional marketing team, for example, may cost as much as the entirety of your business. Outsourced services usually come at a monthly fee, and for the expense, you are getting a much deeper pool of expertise.

But what are some of the key services that SMBs can outsource to free up their time and resources?


This is a field that people spend years training to do professionally. What this means is that 1) you can’t rely on just anyone who might be good with numbers to manage your books, and 2) hiring a full time accountant can be expensive.

You can subscribe to online bookkeeping services that will manage your accounts for you. The good thing is that accounting does not vary much between industries, so virtually any business can outsource their accounting.


As an SMB or start-up, you may have done the work of designing your branding, creating logos, taglines, and writing some copy; but you might not be as good at things like analysing data from your website and social media, utilizing search engine optimization, develop marketing strategies, and using professional content creation tools. These are just a few of the complex processes involved with proper business marketing.

The good news is you don’t need to worry about learning all of those things. Marketing firms and freelancers often provide outsourced services for many different aspects or marketing; or you can outsource all responsibilities to them.

IT Support

Outsourced IT Support is one of the most common outsourced services among SMBs. Unfortunately, IT support requires a lot of time and resources to be done right, and its also something that every business has to do – these days, technology governs a lot of what is possible in business, and so maintaining and managing that technology is crucial. Many businesses decide to cut corners with their IT support; instead, they should be outsourcing it to an IT support provider; this solution is a fraction of the cost hiring your own personnel, and you will get better expertise and resources.

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