Different Types of Customized Golf Flags

Golf Flags

Today, you have access to a host of custom-tailored golf flags from embroidered golf flags to dye-sublimated golf flags and screen-printed golf flags. Golf flags are available as a tube lock or grommet. Most of these flags such as, dye-sublimated golf flags are available chiefly as event flags that are just right for one-day events. They are often used as awards that could be neatly framed and preserved later.

Great as Visual Markers

As per https://golftips.golfweek.com, the flags present on the golf course are chiefly used for providing a visual marker for the golfer for each hole. Whether at the time of hitting approach shots directly from the fairway or while standing near the tee region for hitting a drive, we know that golfers are in the habit of using the flag while aiming their shots to the green. Golfers can successfully plan their shots for playing the hole with the least number of strokes by visualizing the best possible direct path.

Used Predominantly as Distance Indicators

At numerous golf courses, the flag’s color represents the precise hole’s location on the green. A yellow or blue flag usually would be indicating where precisely the golf hole seems to be located or the pin position. A white flag is, generally, used for indicating a golf hole that is present in the middle or center of the green. We understand that a red flag is, generally, indicative of a pin position that is present at the very front of the golf green. 

Types of Custom-Tailored Golf Flags

Embroidered Golf Flags

Embroidered golf flags are premium stuff in terms of customized golf flags that are available in the market today. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, you have access to a broad spectrum of top-of-the-line golf flags that may be personalized as per the unique requirements of your club. It is up to you to choose the flags that best serve the purpose of flaunting your flag design or showcasing your club’s logo. Experts believe that golf flags with intricate embroidery infuse an element of sophistication to your golf flags. Moreover, embroidered flags look luxurious and rich and they attract maximum attention. Chic embroidered golf flags are the rage today and are usually made using UV-protected embroidery thread. Hence, your club’s logo is safeguarded from fading or discoloration. 

Screen-Printed Golf Flags

You have access to a host of premium screen-printed golf flags for adding your stunning logo. You may consider opting for checkered black and blue or a solid white flag as the base for your personalized logo flag. We understand that the pricing of a screen-printed golf flag would be based primarily on the number of different colors that are present in your unique logo. Screen-printed golf flags are best for representing logo designs with a single or a couple of colors.

Dye-Sublimated Golf Course Flags

Your personalized golf flags can demonstrate full coverage graphics thanks to the use of a path-breaking and cutting-edge dye sublimation method. Thanks to full-color printing abilities, you could effortlessly generate photo-quality logo reproduction. This process is known to be more economical and versatile in comparison to conventional embroidery or screen printed processes. These flags are made using UV-resistant fabrics that help in retaining the original color. These custom-tailored dye-sublimated flags offer longevity and robustness often due to quadruple-stitched edges.


Custom-tailored golf flags are available primarily in two fabrics namely, heavy-weave polyester with distinctive cotton feel or the exclusive 200 deniers tight-weave polyester for the feel of a nylon material.

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