Cottagecore: What Is It and How To Join In

Cottagecore: What Is It and How To Join In

Cottagecore. By now, you’ve probably heard about it. But what is cottagecore, and how do you join in on the trend? Let’s delve into the details of this recent aesthetic trend.

What’s Cottagecore?

Have you ever wished you could live in a cute little cottage surrounded by nature? Cottagecore may be the aesthetic for you. This aesthetic trend is a romanticization of rural life. Cottagecore enthusiasts envision themselves living in a simpler world where they can live their lives comfortably.

They wish to grow their own foods, nurture a garden of quaint and pretty flowers, interact with animals and wildlife in a classic Disney princess-esque fashion. Then, they wish to retreat to their cozy home at the end of a busy day, plop down in their armchair in front of the hearth, and indulge in a captivating novel.

Why Is It So Popular?

The cottagecore trend sprung to life in early 2017, popularized by users on Instagram and Tumblr. Soon after, TikTok jumped on the trend, and by 2019, cottagecore was a worldwide phenomenon.

But why is cottagecore so trendy? For many, cottagecore is an escape from the city and corporate life and a return to natural roots.

Cottagecore is especially popular with women and members of the LGBTQ who love the aesthetics of rural, old-fashioned lifestyles but not the discriminatory and old-timey values associated with it. They view the cottagecore community as a haven where they can freely and safely express themselves.

Embracing the Cottagecore Lifestyle

Does the cottagecore aesthetic sound like it’s right up your alley? Now that you know what cottagecore is, here’s how to join in and embrace living quaintly.


Dressing cottagecore means dressing like you’re about to go on a lovely picnic. Cottagecore fashion emphasizes loose, flowy, and natural materials. Silk is a favorite because it’s delicate and soft. Straw sun hats are a must for those who plan to spend their lives immersed in nature. Need an accessory for your hair? Tap into another recently revived trend—the flower crown trend!

Create Your Cottage

We wouldn’t call it cottagecore if it didn’t involve cottages! To transform your home into a cottage, use natural materials, like wood and cotton, and pastel or earthy colors.

Décor-wise, keep it minimalist and natural. Plants are a must. Fairy lights? You’ve got to have them! Fragrant candles? Yes, please! And don’t forget about vintage architectural details. Use wood corbels as a centerpiece or to embellish your counters, shelves, and fireplace mantle. Acanthus or rosette blocks and medallions are the perfect floral touches to any cottage.

Learn New Skills

Part of cottagecore revolves around being self-sufficient. You choose how your food is grown and harvested. You choose the kinds of fabrics and clothes you wear. You choose how to spend every day.

Learning a new skill can help you achieve this cottagecore fundamental. Try growing a small herb garden. Learn to sew. Have you always wanted to own a few chickens? If your county allows it, there’s no better time to build a coop and start ranching!

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