What To Know About Becoming a Firefighter

What To Know About Becoming a Firefighter

As a child, most people enjoyed playing with firetrucks, imagining themselves as future firefighters. With those big dreams in mind, some people decide to take up a career in public safety at the fire station. Here is what to know about becoming a firefighter before you jump in feet-first.

Earn EMT Certification

A fantastic way to get your foot in the door is to earn your EMT certification. The odds are overwhelmingly high that your local fire station requires you to handle an EMT’s duties, seeing as most emergencies involve medical complications. Furthermore, your academy will be more likely to hire you because they won’t have to provide as much training if you already have certification.


As with most employers, fire departments love individuals who volunteer their time for community service. Any volunteer work, fire-related or not, looks solid on a resume. Also, doing volunteer work is a great way to make connections down the road if you figure out that working in fire safety isn’t your jam after all.

Take Necessary Classes & Learn Tools of the Trade

Most departments get googly-eyed over a potential candidate’s resume that’s full of construction and fire-related experience. Depending on where you apply, some stations may want more experienced applicants in these areas, so enrolling in classes that give you 50-plus hours of expertise gives you a one-up on your peers. Moreover, it lets you get familiar with all the tools that firefighters work with every day.

Keep Your Record Clean

While no one is perfect, a record free from any severe indiscretions will definitely help you. A rap sheet full of tickets, arrests, or accidents may sink you before you can swim. Everyone loves a redemption story, so if you have a problematic past, make sure you do everything in your power to show potential employers that you have changed as a person. Lastly, don’t try to fabricate your life into something it wasn’t. The academy will perform an extensive background check that will discover any dirty laundry you want to bury.

While these are some of the things you should know about becoming a firefighter, some other details might pertain more to you than others. Becoming a firefighter is a noble and courageous road to take, so be diligent in becoming the superhero that you strive to be.

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