Common Tactics Used by the Military for War

Common Tactics Used by the Military for War

Strategizing and developing new and viable solutions are essential to winning a war and protecting people. Understanding how certain equipment works and taking advantage of certain physical characteristics from landscapes or regional elements contribute to better progress.

Some of the most common tactics used by the military for war involve common elements that can serve as protection, strategy, and intelligence. These tactics must be congruent with the evolution of a plan to keep details accurate and prevent getting caught by the enemy.

Invisible Technology

With technology advancing quickly and creating new processes and techniques, becoming invisible to radar detectors is a feature helpful for war. Stealth mode means you become invisible to the enemy by hiding, moving carefully, or flying under the radar. Technology and humans have weak points, and ensuring these virtually disappear is very helpful during war.

Providing Wrong Information

The easiest way to spread wrong or inaccurate information is by telling someone about it, who will then tell other people; this is especially common with social media. As a war tactic, creating maps with the wrong routes, writing in code, and making the enemy believe they stole important information was and is a way to deceive them. Making someone think they have the right information but acting a different way will catch them by surprise.


Camouflage is another way to become invisible to the eyes of the enemy, especially with the right environmental conditions. Military paint in desert conflicts perfectly blends in with the surrounding elements and creates optical illusions. Depending on where the war develops, taking characteristics from that location could help soldiers survive and attack efficiently.


Creating a trap that blends in with the environment and provides reliable results is a way to quickly get ahead of the enemy. Traps are commonly built in frequently visited areas with the necessary elements to hide and camouflage them. These can include metal vices, camouflaged pits, and buried explosives.


Sneaking past the enemy is not simple, but with the right plan, infiltration is one of the most common and effective war tactics. Infiltrating the enemy’s unit means that a person pretends to be someone else, learning to act exactly as someone from that group would. This technique requires acting in secret, avoiding possible threats of getting caught, and mastering the art of disguise.

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