All You Need To Know About The Rules of Putting a Mirror Over The Fireplace

rules about mirror over the fireplace

Putting a mirror on top of a fireplace is a great way to make your living space feel more spacious and attractive. If the fireplace is in the opposite direction of a window, then it creates a magical vibe in the setting, whether it is your living room or dining room.

It is an alternative to putting a TV over the fireplace. If there is a light source (a window) in front of the TV, it hampers the viewing experience. So, in this case, it is better to put a mirror over the fireplace.

However, there are certain guidelines that you should follow to set up the mirror over the fireplace correctly. In this article, we’ll cover exactly that. So read on!

Is it ok to put a mirror above the fireplace?

Yes, it is alright to put a mirror over the fireplace. It is an evergreen decoration strategy that is in use for a long time.

A well-placed mirror can add more light, space, and interest to the living area. It also makes the room look more luxurious and adds an airy appeal.

Even Feng-Sui experts recommend that by doing this correctly you can enhance the positive energy or ‘chi’ around the area.

Customs and traditions

Traditionally, placing a mirror over the mantel is considered to be an auspicious Feng-Sui practice. Many historians think that this practice dates back to the time when knights would gather around the fireplace on a cold night and be attacked from behind.

To prevent this, wealthy people would install mirrors over the fireplace. So, apart from serving a function it also became a symbol of status over time.

How big should a mirror be above the fireplace?

The size of the mirror that is going to go over the fireplace, should be at least 2/3rd of the fireplace width, irrespective of the mirror shape. Otherwise, there will be a lot of space around the mirror and would look rather bland.

Unless you plan to create a mirror gallery wall, using a small mirror (smaller than 30 inches) should be avoided at all times.

If the mirror sufficiently fills the space between the top of the fireplace and the ceiling, you are good to go!

What shape mirror is best over the fireplace?

Round mirrors are usually better if you are looking to place a single mirror over the fireplace. This is because most furniture is either squarish or rectangular – so, a circular mirror would add visual novelty.

Furthermore, the curvature of round mirrors complements the straight lines of the fireplace – adding to the style factor.

However, if you want to cover the wall fully to create more of a statement – select a rectangular mirror to add more depth to your space instantly.

How far above the mantle should you hang a mirror?

It is recommended to place the mirror 4-5 inches above the top of the fireplace. However, it is important to note the thickness of the mirror and make sure it does not cast a dark shadow on the decor.

So, you can also go slightly higher to mitigate this issue. Additionally, putting the mirror a few inches above the fireplace helps reflect the decorative items placed on it.

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