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Cacao Bliss is a ceremonial grade raw cacao powder that can be used in a variety of ways, allowing users to indulge in chocolate while gaining all the benefits of consuming superfoods. As healthy chocolate lovers rejoice everywhere about America’s leading health coach’s incredible formulation of the decadent chocolate superfood blend infused with pure herbal extracts rich in antioxidants, the organic elixir blend comes in bags that can be easily resealed for freshness, allowing users to portion out the serving as they see fit.

Together, Danette May, the delicious chocolate drink formulator, and Earth Echo Foods cacao supplementation provider, have made a guilt-free decadence with the planet’s purest cacao powder that is known to unlock the ‘bliss’ molecule while curbing cravings and enhancing healthy inflammatory responses while supporting mental focus, natural energy levels and appetite management. Associated with being a food of the gods, Cacao Bliss ingredients are easy to consume and benefit from given the high profile nature of rockstar superfoods like turmeric, MCT, monk fruit, lucuma, cinnamon, black pepper extract, Himalayan sea salt and mesquite.

It is time to review Danette May’s Cacao Bliss and see what the research says about Earth Echo Foods pure chocolate superfood powder blend that is sourced with the best non-GMO ingredients that are free of dairy, gluten, soy, and is 100% vegan and keto-friendly with its USDA-organic certified credentials. Let’s find out if there are truly endless ways to enjoy this healthy chocolate superfood from Danette May and see if Earth Echo Foods’ Cacao Bliss recipes are truly guilt-free and can enhance the taste of smoothies, hot drinks, energy boosting coffees and even delicious desserts like their suggested favorite hot chocolate elixir.

What is Cacao Bliss?

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Of all of the desserts in the world, nothing is quite as popular as chocolate. This flavor has found its way into almost every kind of decadent food, and it is also a guilty pleasure amongst many people. For most starting, any diet often includes the decision to stop consuming this delicious item, but it doesn’t have to be. The chocolate source for Cacao Bliss is not like anything that has been tried before.

Developed by fitness coaches with a strong affinity to natural health and superfoods, Danette May’s Cacao Bliss isn’t a fake version of chocolate like other diet companies try to push. However, the process of creating this ceremonial grade food is much different, preserving the benefits that naturally occur in chocolate in the first place. By changing the processing and maintaining it raw, consumers can get a substantial health boost when they eat chocolate, and nothing could be more delicious in a diet than that.

The majority of products today are riddled with sugar, processed, and other additives that eliminate all of the otherwise positive benefits. By making chocolate as the superfood that it can be, Cacao Bliss allows users to experience a rejuvenation of every part of the body at once. Since it is available in a powder form, it can be mixed into nearly limitless recipes, making dessert a regular part of any healthy eating plan, if desired.

For as low as $53.95, Cacao bliss can be directly purchased from the official website to ensure quality ingredients and getting the original supplement.

Cacao Bliss Ingredients

After learning more about cacao we can see than it can be more than just a sweet treat. Danette May, the fitness trainer and health coach is very adamant about how important it is to supply the body with the most powerful antioxidants every single day. The enriched Cacao Bliss supplement with raw cacao powder has an ORAC antioxidant score of over 95,500 that provides the body ample amounts of free radical fighting nutrition. The raw cacao powder in Cacao Bliss has jam packed with cocoa flavanols too, a special type of healthy chocolate extract that is emerging as being very healthy to support a healthy gut to brain, blood sugar and blood flow.

That is what Cacao Bliss is all about delivering the body in delicious-tasting chocolate cacao powder which gives the body an optimal natural inflammation response via beneficial cell-signaling cascades. One Danette May focuses on is the The Love Drug, flooding the brain with naturally occurring “feel good” chemicals like serotonin, theobromine, phenethylamine and anandamide (the bliss molecule). Learn more about the ingredients in Cacao Bliss and the effects each may have:


It is no surprise that the leader of Cacao Bliss is cacao. Danette discovered this chocolate when she was traveling through Costa Rica, finding out that it has been consumed by different tribes – including the Incas, Mayans, and others – for hundreds of years. It started to become more prevalent in Europe during the 17th century, though the ancient tribes believed that its raw state could elicit certain powers.

According to the tribes, the use of cacao could provide them with superior mental and physical clarity. Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortes even made cacao into a drink that he claimed could help with fatigue and even fill the appetite for an entire day. Danette was inspired by the history that was as rich as the flavor itself, aiming to bring the product to the masses.

One of the reasons that cacao is so effective is due to the natural anandamide that comes from it. This “bliss molecule” is responsible for improving the user’s mood as they consume it. The only ingredient in the entire world with a high enough concentration to do the same is black truffle mushrooms, but these fungi are far more expensive than most people want to pay. Luckily, cacao is highly affordable.

As users consume Cacao Bliss, they will also naturally stimulate their body to produce oxytocin for calmness. Between this production and the addition of anandamide, consumers can relax as they lift their spirits. Studies (like this one) show that the use of cacao with these benefits helps to feel loving and even happier.


Cacao Bliss is also rich in Magnesium, essential for nearly every part of the body. It plays a role in brain health, muscle relaxation, sleep, teeth, the heart, and more. It regulates different mental processes, keeping the neurotransmitters in the brain from becoming weak.


Flavanols also naturally occur in cacao, offering antioxidants to the body to improve health. However, the primary role that it places in Cacao Bliss is as both a prebiotic and probiotic for a healthier GI tract. The gut needs a certain balance of bacteria to help absorb the nutrients from food and prevent discomfort. By regularly eating this Cacao Bliss formula, consumers can improve their overall health as they reduce their blood sugar levels by approximately 30%.


Turmeric is a separated added ingredient from cacao and its many compounds. This spice is often used in Indian cuisine, but it is more broadly known as a go-to for inflammation and joint pain relief. Though it is almost impossible to get a high enough concentration of it in a recipe, the use of turmeric in a supplement can help with the health of cells, and it also offers the same mood boost that cacao does.

In the last three decades alone, thousands of studies have popped up to validate the use of turmeric for inflammation relief, and it is one of the top supplements in the world today. By adding it to Cacao Bliss, consumers can pack multiple superfoods into one serving, and that’s why Danette added one more.


MCT Oil is the final ingredient to round out the bunch. This healthy oil allows users to keep control over their weight while still promoting better weight loss success during fitness regimens. The naturally healthy fats help users to burn through more fats. It promotes better energy levels, and it can easily be used by the liver during digestion. Furthermore, this ingredient helps with the appetite, suppressing it to reduce the number of calories that the body craves.


Cacao bliss comes infused with Cinnamon, to help break down sugars and support the body’s ability to make glucose. Cinnamon regularly helps the body maintain a healthy level of blood sugar and keeps it in a safe range. Maintaining safe levels of blood sugar allows you to manage your weight because the body stores more fat when there is more sugar in the blood.


Mesquite, a sweet and nutty superfood may help boost the immune system and it doesn’t cause any unusual spikes in blood sugar.

Himalayan salt

A small touch of Himalayan salt adds to your pH levels and helps keep everything balanced.

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Why Danette May’s Cacao Bliss?

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Cacao Bliss is popular for being 100% certified organic and not containing any GMO’s. With zero unhealthy sugar, vegan/keto free. This supplement drink can be combined with other recipes to make great tasting desserts such as decadent cake, smoothies, hot chocolate, and even coffee.

Stop Cravings

According to the official website, Cacao Bliss reduces cravings.

Lower anxiety

The ingredients built into Cacao Bliss promote wholesome wellness and can lower anxiety. When you’re less anxious, you will be more susceptible to eating healthier and living a better life. Studies have shown that people who have anxiety and are sleep deprived are more likely to overeat and consume unneeded calories.

Increase in metabolism

Cacao Bliss supplement can improve metabolism because it fuels the body with a proper amount of nutrients. Midday crashes could be a thing of the past as no more extra sugars are consumed.

The key to maximizing the results is understanding all that goes into Cacao Bliss. After all, it isn’t just a magic chocolate bar that will solve all of the problems in the body.

Turns out Cacao contains key compounds that can fill the brain with natural occurring feel-good chemicals such as:

Phenethylamine (Pea)

also known as the love chemical. It triggers the release of endorphins (pleasure compound) and boosts dopamine so you will enjoy what’s happening around you.


Also known as the bliss molecule, Anandamide will naturally produce dopamine and promote feeling good.


For reference, Serotonin is the same pleasure chemical the body naturally releases after eating carbs and allows the body to naturally burn carbs.


Theobromine promotes physical relaxation and mental calmness.

How to Use Cacao Bliss

Cacao Bliss is an innovative chocolate snack supplement that can help you live a better life. It’s core ingredients have been scientifically proven to make you more happy, connect with others, promote a euphoric feeling, support memory and appetite control. Oxytocin and anandamide are used to help engage in happy feelings and allow you to naturally enhance your life.

Let’s look at some of the problems with regular snacks on the market.

Decrease in metabolism

The typical snack foods you’re eating don’t have the nutritious ingredients to help compete with your metabolism. Sugary snacks only add to the problem and don’t help your metabolism digest them.

Wasted Calories

When you’re eating snacks you aren’t getting nutritious meals in. This means you’re packing on empty calories and are not going to feel any better. Instead of eating empty calories you can fill your stomach up with active ingredients that will help enhance your body and get you ready for the day. Eating chocolate doesn’t have to be unhealthy anymore!

Problems sleeping

If you’re snacking late at night, you’re going to have a harder time sleeping as your body is digesting food. If you’re eating high sugar substances, then you could also be setting your body up for an insulin crash, which will result in more cravings. Cacao Bliss has beneficial ingredients that will help you sleep longer and stay asleep.

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Buying Cacao Bliss

To start using Cacao Bliss, consumers will have two main options – to make a purchase as a one-time transaction or to subscribe for ongoing monthly shipments.

For a monthly shipment of Cacao Bliss, consumers will only pay $53.95, but buying it without the commitment will bring up the price to $59.95.

  • 1 bag of Cacao Bliss for $59.95

  • 3 Bags of Cacao Bliss for $149.95

  • 5 Bags of Cacao Bliss for $199.95

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Consumers that don’t want to commit to future orders can still stock up with either the three-pouch option for $149.95 or the five-bags option for $199.95. The Earth Echo Foods company offers a 60-day return policy for a complete refund. Danette May is also well known for her other healthy supplement blends, including the Golden Superfood Bliss powder.

Bonus Content

To help users make the most of the Cacao Bliss formula, they will also get access to several guides, including the Cacao Lovers Cookbook, for recipes on how to best use cacao powder to make different desserts.

To work with the improved mood that users may experience with cacao, there are also Bliss Meditations. These meditations are available as audio files, and they are a perfect pairing with any of the recipes from the cookbook.

Cacao Bliss Reviews Final Verdict

Cacao Bliss allows consumers to enjoy the flavor of chocolate without all of the downsides that come with candy. The powder can easily be made into a drink, a dessert, or a snack. It can be consumed daily, and users won’t have to worry about any side effects. Even though this product is a superfood, users won’t have to be dieting to integrate it into their routine. It can be used as a guilt-free option for individuals with a sweet tooth, although anyone that wants to lose weight should include a diet and exercise plan on their own.

If you don’t love the taste of Cacao Bliss chocolate, within sixty days, you will get a full refund guaranteed. Purchasing this supplement online is made accessible on its official website. There are three different packages that you can choose from, which include the single for $53.95, the triple for $149.95, or the five-pack for $199.95. Treat yourself to some chocolate without feeling the guilt and start enjoying Danette May’s healthy chocolate superfood recipes!

Get The Most Delicious “Feel-Good” Superfood Discovery On The Planet with the Guilt-Free Cacao Bliss from Danette May today.

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