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Supplement Scoop believes that having low testosterone levels can make daily life more difficult. It can cause irregularities in mood and can even aggravate existing mood disorders.

Not only this but lower testosterone has a negative effect on sex drive and muscle mass. With all of this in mind, We at The Supplement Scoop decided to create a guide that details the best testosterone boosters available. These boosters are made of natural ingredients and are a natural alternative to some supplements on the market.

Below, you can read all about these boosters. Supplement Scoop also answers some of the questions that you’re likely asking yourself, like whether these boosters really work, whether they’re safe, and more.

To start, here is a sneak peek of what we feel are the best testosterone boosters available on the market.

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters On the Market:

? Strongest Testosterone Booster- Testogen

? Best for Males Over 40- Prime Male

? Best for Building Muscle- TestoFuel

How The Supplement Scoop Chose These Products

Deciding between different testosterone supplements was difficult, to say the least. That’s why we asked you! After releasing a poll on Reddit, we received a huge response from our readers.

In total, around 300 people voted for their favorite brand in our Reddit poll.

The team at The Supplement Scoop used this information, combined with thorough research of all the products, to provide you with the most honest and accurate reviews.

With that being said, let’s get into our list.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2020

Now it’s time to get into details! Here’s everything you need to know about Testogen, TestoFuel, and Prime Male.

#1: Testogen – Most Powerful Testosterone Booster
Testogen testosterone booster

Testogen is a fan favorite and has proven itself to be a pioneer in the field of testosterone boosters. This testosterone booster is suggested for you if you struggle building muscle, have low moods, have fat building around your abdomen, and if you’ve noticed a decrease in libido.


There are only 11 ingredients in Testogen’s testosterone boosters.

? 2352mg of D-Aspartic Acid: This amino acid allows your body to produce and regulate hormones. As such, it can also enhance the production of testosterone in your body by up to 45%.

? 200mg of Magnesium: Magnesium is essential in every diet and can be found in the majority of supplements. Studies have shown that people who consume about 750mg of magnesium per day had just over a 25% increase in testosterone levels. Not only this, but magnesium will help you achieve better sleep, which can also increase testosterone levels.

? 50 mcg of Vitamin D3: This isn’t something you hear about a lot, however, Vitamin D3 can significantly increase testosterone levels. It can also reduce the transition of testosterone to estrogen.

? 40 mg of Nettle Leaf Extract: Testosterone is known for attaching itself to a protein called SHGB. When it attaches itself to this protein, it doesn’t function the same as free-flowing protein. Luckily, Nettle Leaf also attaches to SHGB, which allows more protein to circulate through your body and, as such, can help increase the amount of muscle in your body.

? 40 mg of Korean Red Ginseng Extract: This extract is known for improving your libido and for improving your physical and mental health.

? 40 mg of Fenugreek Extract: Fenugreek extract is another libido enhancer and is considered a natural way to increase testosterone in your body.

? 20 mcg of Vitamin K1: You’ve likely heard about the health benefits of K1. It helps in maintaining healthy bones, and nails. You may not know, however, that Vitamin K1 may help to boost testosterone in your body.

? 20 mg of Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is one of the most important vitamins we can consume. Not only this but studies suggest that this vitamin is linked to testosterone production. If you have a B6 deficiency, this can significantly reduce levels of testosterone in your body.

? 10 mg of Zinc: This mineral is a primary component in maintaining a healthy sperm count and maintaining healthy bodily functions.

? 5 mg of Bioperine 95% Piperine: This is created from black pepper and it allows the other ingredients on this list to be processed more efficiently in your body.

? 8mg of Boron: You can find Boron in anything from soil to fruits. While 8mg might not seem like a lot, even small levels of the mineral have been proven to boost the body’s testosterone levels.

How Does it Work?

A major selling point of Testogen is that all of its ingredients are natural. These 11 ingredients safely boost testosterone levels in the body and ensure you’re not introducing your system to synthetic products or ingredients.

While some supplements supplement testosterone, Testogen boosts your system and encourages your body to increase its production of testosterone. For those with lower testosterone, this is one of the safest ways to balance your hormone levels. To achieve the desired results, the company recommends that you consume 4 capsules with your morning breakfast.

Pros and Cons


? Increases energy and focus

? Builds strength

? Decreases body fat


? Some have reported that the price is excessive for a testosterone booster

Why Should Buy This Product?

Low testosterone levels can make daily life more difficult. Many of the supplements on the market, however, contain unnatural testosterone and have a list of dangerous side effects.

Time after time, this product has been proven to increase testosterone in the body with no side effects. Whether you’re looking to increase the amount of muscle in your body or you’re looking to improve sleep and mood, all of your bases are covered with Testogen.

Click here to get Testogen from the Official Website.

#2: Prime Male – Best for Men Over 40
Prime Male testosterone booster

Prime Male is considered to be one of the most innovative products on the market. Years went into cultivating the perfect booster for those who are missing testosterone on their diet. While you can achieve similar results by consuming the right foods, you can save both time and money by trying out Prime Male.


Prime Male has the most ingredients yet with a staggering 12 testosterone-boosting components.

? Vitamin D3: This vitamin is most commonly consumed through sunlight, however, many are missing the essential nutrient in their lifestyle. Some studies have shown that those who do not have enough vitamin D can expect to live shorter lives and can expect to have unbalanced hormones.

? Vitamin K2: We’ve already told you a lot about vitamin K2, so we’ll keep this one short and sweet. Vitamin K2 can balance hormones and is connected to an increased sex drive and lower chances of erectile dysfunction.

? Vitamin B6: Your body doesn’t just contain estrogen and testosterone. There is also androgen, which is considered a precursor and helps to increase T-levels. Vitamin B6 increases the amount of androgen in your body and tells your system to boost its production, thereby, increasing your T-levels. This vitamin is also a mood stabilizer and can alleviate some of the symptoms that are associated with mood disorders.

? Magnesium: Magnesium can impact your SHBG count, which is a compound that testosterone typically binds itself to. By reducing your SHGB count, magnesium also allows for more free-flowing testosterone in your body.

? Zinc: Many men suffer from low levels of zinc, which can prevent the pituitary gland from regulating and producing specific hormones. These hormones help to stimulate the production of testosterone.

? D-Aspartic Acid: We already told you that this is an amino acid, however, you should also know that it’s a neurotransmitter. It’s this component of D-AA that allows your body to create more testosterone. Those suffering from infertility have experienced a 50-100% increase in sperm count.

? Ginseng: This isn’t the first time ginseng has been used for its medical properties. Early humans used ginseng for its beneficial effect on the immune system and to increase the overall lifespan of those who consume it in the long-term. Prime Male uses ginseng for these reasons and for its testosterone-boosting effects.

? Luteolin: This is one of the most powerful aromatase inhibitors. Because of its effect on aromatase, it also prevents excess estrogen from being produced and compiled in your system.

? Mucuna Pruriens: One of the main causes of low T-levels in men is high levels of estrogen. Mucuna Pruriens is a natural source of levodopa, which is an amino acid that boosts T-levels and increases human growth hormone in the body. This allows you to put on muscle more easily and to maintain your strength over time.

? Nettle Root: You already know about nettle root. Considering its various health benefits, it comes as no surprise that Prime Male has included it in its recipe. This root, otherwise referred to as nettle leaf, allows for more free testosterone to roam through your system.

? BioPerine: The amount of BioPerine in Prime Male allows your body to process nutrients with more ease. As such, it can also help your body restore its protein levels.

? Boron: Not only does boron have a positive effect on testosterone levels, but it also promotes healthy joints and reduces inflammation throughout your body.

How Does it Work?

Prime Male targets older audiences and aims to provide them with testosterone levels similar to those they experienced in their teenage years. By increasing testosterone levels and reducing the amount of estrogen in the body, Prime Male can return these levels back to the way they once were and can promote a healthy balance of hormones.

Pros and Cons


? Higher energy levels

? More strength

? Improved libido

? Stabilized mood


? The amount of ginseng in this testosterone booster may not be enough to prove beneficial.

Why Should Buy This Product?

You should buy this product if you’re looking for something that benefits both your hormone levels and your overall health. With the above ingredients, Prime Male goes beyond prioritizing hormones and doesn’t settle with just increased testosterone. Instead, they’ve chosen the perfect amount of many of these ingredients to boost your immune system and reduce symptoms of joint discomfort.

Click here to check out Prime Male on the Official Website.

#3: TestoFuel – Best for Muscle Mass
TestoFuel testosterone boosters

TestoFuel’s Ingredients have all been carefully selected to provide you with the best quality possible. Whether you’re looking for increased muscle mass or you’re looking for a stabilized mood, TestoFuel can help.


This formula has some of the same ingredients as Testogen, however, it features only 9 ingredients in total.

? D-Aspartic Acid: Not only is D-Aspartic Acid great for testosterone production but it’s also useful in the production of muscle in the body. It also regulates the luteinizing hormone, which is a hormone that communicates with your system to create more testosterone. Those who consume this amino acid regularly see a significant increase in testosterone levels and a sperm count increase of up to 100%.

? Vitamin D: Vitamin D has already been established as being a supportive agent for the production of testosterone. While you may already consume a lot of Vitamin D from your diet or from going outside a lot, the Vitamin D in this booster gives your system the extra kick it needs. Studies have shown that Vitamin D both increases testosterone levels and improves athletic performance.

? Oyster Extract: Oyster extract is known for its aphrodisiac properties and for increasing testosterone levels. Oysters also contain some of the highest levels of zinc you can find in food. Zinc is one of the more beneficial ingredients in TestoFuel because it promotes a healthy prostate and healthy reproductive function.

? Ginseng: This can be seen in our other boosters and, like in those other boosters, ginseng has proven itself to be a powerhouse when it comes to improving levels of testosterone in the body. Beyond this, though, ginseng can also improve your immune system and increase your libido. Its impact on your cognitive ability is also part of its appeal seeing as it can make you more focused and can benefit your sleeping pattern. Ginseng increases nitric acid levels in the body, which will promote the breakdown of fat and the building of muscle.

? Fenugreek: Did you know that fenugreek is derived from Mediterranean environments? It’s common to find fenugreek and ginseng together in hormone supplements because the two have properties that intertwine and that boost health benefits. This ingredient is packed with some of the other nutrients on this list like zinc and magnesium. Beyond this, it also has selenium. The three allow for an increase in free-roaming testosterone. Even minuscule amounts of fenugreek have been proven to increase these increases in free-roaming testosterone, thereby, allowing for the hormone to be as effective as possible.

? Magnesium: We’ve already spoken a bit about the benefits of magnesium in the body, however, there is a lot more to this mineral than meets the eye. This mineral helps in the production and regulation of various enzymes in the body. As such, it can also help to maintain a healthy brain, bones, and heart. By improving the regulation of enzymes, it also serves to boost your metabolism.

? Vitamin B6: This vitamin is also known as pyridoxine and is an essential nutrient for those who want to improve their daily lives. Not only can it have a positive effect on your hormones, but it also promotes healthy hair, eyes, skin, and liver. Vitamin B6 will also impact your hemoglobin by regulating it and allowing blood to be carried through your system more easily. Including this ingredient in its recipe proves that TestoFuel aims to improve your overall health and not just balance hormone levels.

? Vitamin K2: This vitamin is also called menaquinone and is one of TestoFuel’s greatest points of pride in this recipe. This vitamin is most commonly found in high-protein meats and organs. The benefit of consuming vitamin K2 in TestoFuel is that you get to experience all of its benefits without consuming the high levels of fats associated with red meats and organs. When combined with vitamin D3, vitamin K2 doubles down on the production of testosterone in the body. The hormone is released more easily into the body. Some people have experienced a significant increase in the hormone within just 5 weeks of consuming vitamin K2.

? Zinc: This mineral is one of the best ways to boost T-levels in your body. The mineral communicates to your body that you need to increase the production of the hormone.

How Does it Work?

TestoFuel isn’t made with testosterone, however, its various ingredients have been proven to aid in the production and maintenance of testosterone in the body. For many, this is a better option than synthetic options on the market, which are packed with potential side effects.

Pros and Cons


? Positively affects sex drive

? Reduces fatigue and promotes healthy sleep

? Increases muscle mass


? Once again, some have reported this to be pricey

Why Should Buy This Product?

TestoFuel has the least number of ingredients on this list. This is a major selling point for those who are looking for a booster that contains a limited number of natural ingredients to improve their health. With this product, nothing goes to waste and everything has been included for a specific purpose.

Click here to get TestoFuel from the Official Website.

What are the Reasons for Low Testosterone in the Body?

Considering the repercussions associated with having low testosterone, it’s natural that you may be looking for reasons for low testosterone in the body. In men, low testosterone occurs when the testes don’t produce enough testosterone. As you age, it becomes more likely that you suffer from low testosterone, in fact, 40% of men aged over 40 have low testosterone.

There are countless reasons for low testosterone in the body, but we’ll go over a few of them below.

? Trauma

? Radiation and cancer treatment

? Medication

? Obesity

? High estrogen levels

? Sleep apnea

? Extreme weight loss

What are the Signs of Low Testosterone?

If you’re wondering whether you should be taking testosterone boosters, it helps to know whether you have low testosterone levels in the first place. Here is a list of some of the symptoms you may be experiencing if you have low levels of the hormone.

? Low sex drive

? Rapid mood changes

? Weight change

? Erectile dysfunction

? Fatigue or exhaustion

? Memory problems

? Changes in muscle

What are the Benefits of a Testosterone Booster Supplement?

We’ve already spoken about the benefits of the specific products on this list, however, testosterone boosters, in general, have long-lasting benefits.

? A healthy heart

? More muscle

? Strong bones

? Better cognitive ability

? Increased libido

? Reduced impact of erectile dysfunction

What are the Natural Testosterone Boosting Ingredients?

When you’re looking for the right testosterone booster, it’s important that you have the right ingredients. In general, many of the ingredients included in natural testosterone boosters are the same, however, they are included in different amounts and the boosters themselves are created with different, patented technologies depending on the brand.

In nearly every natural booster, you’ll find the following ingredients.

? Magnesium

? Nettle Root or Nettle Leaf

? Vitamin D

? Vitamin B

? Ginseng

? D-Aspartic Acid

? Vitamin K

? Boron

? BioPerine

Do They Even Work?

Natural testosterone is known for being incredibly effective for those who have tried it, however, it should be noted that you’ll need to maintain your overall health while you take the supplements. If, for example, your sleeping, eating, and exercise habits aren’t balanced you can experience lower levels of testosterone. The same can be said for those who are experiencing high levels of stress. If you’re trying to boost your testosterone by taking testosterone boosters, you’ll also want to keep these factors in mind.

Testosterone Booster FAQs

Are testosterone boosters safe?

There are mixed opinions as to whether testosterone boosters are safe. With so many products containing dangerous preservatives and synthetic materials, many testosterone supplements and boosters increase the risks of developing cancer, depression, etc.

The benefit of using the testosterone boosters on this list is that they’re 100% safe and they have no side effects. When shopping for a testosterone booster, look for some of the ingredients that our top 3 products contain to ensure you’re not putting your system at risk.

Are testosterone boosters steroids?

In short, no.

Testosterone boosters serve to help the body produce more testosterone and to regulate hormone levels. Those who have too much estrogen in their body, for example, can benefit from testosterone boosters because the ratio between testosterone and estrogen will balance out.

Steroids, on the other hand, are synthetic drugs that are used to increase performance, muscle mass, etc. While the two function in similar ways, they are widely different. Natural testosterone boosters are often used as a healthier alternative to steroids because they pose a reduced risk to your overall health.

How long do testosterone boosters take to work?

This is one of the biggest questions we’re asked. If you’re thinking of taking testosterone boosters it’s because you want to see results. You likely don’t want to be waiting around for months on end before you start to feel all of the benefits we’ve described. Luckily, you can begin to see the effects of testosterone boosters within 3 weeks of taking them as long as you follow the recommended dosage.

What should I look for in my testosterone boosters?

It can be difficult to find the perfect boosters for your needs. That’s why there are some things you should consider before deciding what to buy. You will, for example, want to look at the ingredients and see whether the amount included in the booster is enough for what you’re looking for. If you want something that has the role of both boosting your hormones and promoting joint health, having a higher amount of ginseng may be best. The right products can help you level blood sugar, reduce the chance of developing insulin resistance, and increase nutrient absorption in the body.

You’ll also want to make sure that there aren’t any artificial properties in your hormone booster because this is where we’ve seen controversy regarding risks and side effects. As long as you keep it natural, you’re in the clear.

What’s the difference between testosterone and free testosterone?

Testosterone often binds itself to compounds in your body. These compounds are called SHBG and when the two are bound, the testosterone is deemed to be useless. By including ingredients like those listed in this guide, the amount of SHGB in your body is reduced. This leaves less of the compound for testosterone to be bound to and, as such, allows for more testosterone to roam freely through your system.

Closing Thoughts: Should You Go For a Natural Testosterone Booster?

As more people are becoming aware of the negative effects of synthetic supplements and steroids, more people are also looking for healthier alternatives.

That’s where testosterone boosters have proven themselves as being incredibly useful!

With the help of 300 voters, Supplement Scoop was able to compile a list of our three favorite testosterone supplements: Testogen, TestoFuel, and Prime Male.

With these, consumers have experienced health benefits ranging from improved sleep to increased muscle mass. Whether you’re looking to get a leaner body or you’re looking to make daily life more manageable, testosterone boosters provide a high reward and practically no side effects.

Now that you know all about our best testosterone boosters, we want to know – are you looking to try one of these boosters?

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