Basic Beginner’s Guide To Boat Chartering

Guide To Boat Chartering

Are you looking for a unique activity for yourself, your family or your staff? One thing you may not have considered is chartering a boat. You could invest in a corporate yacht charter to celebrate a business success or charter a small boat for a special family event, such as a wedding. This is a beginner’s guide to help you plan your charter.

How Can I Charter a Boat?

You can charter a boat in a couple of different ways. First, you can work with a broker who will collect your desired charter, such as a private boat tours San Diego or a wedding charter. Then, your broker will find a company with the amenities you desire on a vessel that can accommodate your party and needs.

You can also directly contact a charter company. Take your time and do the research to find the exact boat and amenities you need. Plan well in advance so that you find exactly what you need and can negotiate changes if you need to.

What Rules Should I Follow While Chartering?

Some charters have specific rules, but there are some general rules you should follow while you are on the boat. First, respect the crew. They are there to serve you, but they also keep you safe. Listen to them and follow their guidance. This is especially true for safety and other briefings.

Let the crew know about your guests. If anyone has special needs, let the crew know. Give them your head count early. Keep a close eye on your children. The crew members are not babysitters. Boats have little storage, so be conscientious with your luggage, using soft-sided baggage and only packing what you need.  

Keep communication open, and let the crew know where you and your guests are. Also, wear appropriate shoes for your own safety. Be aware of and follow local laws.

How Much Will I Spend?

Your cost will depend on the size of the charter, the length of your rental and the number of people on board. If you want food and drinks or entertainment, your costs may increase. The crew and captain, insurance, dockage and fuel are typically included in the charter rental fee.

Depending on the company, you may be able to negotiate your fees. However, be prepared to tip the crew up to 20% as you disembark. You will likely also pay a value-added tax.

What About the Crew?

Although the crew pay is included in the charter cost, you should make sure the company you choose has the best crew possible. Choose boats with US Coast Guard-certified licensed captains. Also, make sure the company has a crew for the activities you plan to participate in. For example, you need a dive instructor if you plan to dive, a fisherman if you plan to fish and a sommelier if you want to test some great wine on the boat.

You can even include a yoga instructor or personal trainer. If you plan to have meals on the boat, especially if you have numerous guests, choose boats with exceptional chefs or caterers and wait staff. Choose companies that value hospitality and can accommodate the specialties you need.

For an enjoyable trip, learn about your specific charter boat requirements before you sign your contracts.

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