Reasons Why Your Model Rocket Launch Didn’t Go As Planned

Reasons Why Your Model Rocket Launch Didn’t Go As Planned

Everything leading up to the day of a model rocket launch is exciting. And when you finally get to the big day, you expect big results. However, there’s always a chance the launch could fail and be disappointing. Nothing is ever perfect, but there are cautionary steps every launcher can take to ensure a successful launch. Read on and learn the reasons why your model rocket launch didn’t go as planned.

Engine Failure

Engine failure on a model rocket can mean a few different things. For starters, beginners could have purchased and attached the wrong engine to the model rocket. Or one of the two motors on the engine could have malfunctioned.

If the launch controller and igniter work perfectly but the engine won’t ignite, the issue is with the engine unless the igniter was installed incorrectly. First, make sure there’s no visible damage to your engine. Next, keep the engine stored in the proper climate. Never leave them out in extremely warm or cold temperatures for too long.

Outside Forces

Remember, the day of a launch matters as much as the setup. The best conditions for a model rocket launch can make or break the whole day. Keep a watchful eye on the weather leading up to the launch day. Depending on conditions like temperature, clouds, and humidity, you may need to alter the schedule.

Furthermore, the location of the launch is vital. You never want to release your model in an area with too much activity. It should be cleared out and set up on a flat surface, preferably a deserted parking lot. Make sure there are no cable lines or tall trees nearby for better success with the retrieval.

Improper Setup

The little clothespin used during a launch holds lots of power. Rocketeers often use clothespins as standoffs for launch rods. They keep the rocket off the launch pad blast deflector. If the launch was unsuccessful, look toward the clothespin because the setup might have caused a drawback.

Make sure the thumb grip on the motor hook isn’t stuck on the standoff. Also, adjust the standoff so that you don’t have the hook near it. Additionally, consider bringing a few different standoff options in case one strategy fails or proves difficult to apply.

Cheap Kits

Model rockets aren’t like paper-mache volcano models. There are some things you can substitute and others you cannot. And it’s best to avoid alternatives or cheaper options. If you want a successful launch, don’t cut corners by cutting costs.

The results are worth the payment in the end. Better quality kits make the construction process run smoother. You won’t have to struggle to make something fit. Cheaper kits also mean less detailed instructions. You’ll have a harder time figuring out what the manufacturer was trying to explain and end up drawing your own wrong conclusion.

Sometimes, model rocket launches don’t go as planned. Instead of giving up and moving, take a step back, then try to find the reason behind the failure.

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