Activities To Do With a Family Member That Has Dementia

Activities To Do With a Family Member That Has Dementia

Dementia is a scary disease. Many older adults develop dementia symptoms and work to face this illness for years. Watching a loved one struggle can be scary, but you can help improve their symptoms. Discover some of the most stimulating and fun activities to do with a family member that has dementia.

Cook Together

Cooking is a multi-generational activity enjoyed by many, but it contributes to more than just family bonding. This activity enhances a patient’s fine motor skills and dexterity. Patients relearn focus with actions like kneading dough, stirring a pot of soup, and organizing food items.

When doing this activity, ensure there’s one task to perform at a time to avoid distressing your loved one. Cooking also allows a family member with dementia to use their senses to smell, taste, and feel certain textures that stimulate the mind.

Play a Game

Playing a board game, catching a ball at the park, or playing video games are all excellent for the brain. Doing activities that challenge the mind helps improve cognitive abilities. Games like Scrabble, word searches, sudoku, and chess help seniors think critically about their choices.

Exercise With Them

Exercise stimulates the mind, making it a fantastic way to help loved ones with dementia. Consider attending a fitness class such as aerobics and fishing with your family member. These activities deplete symptoms of depression, anxiety, and boredom. Look around your area for fitness centers or activities specifically made for patients with dementia.

Adopt a Pet Together

When you’re not available to spend time with your loved one, you might consider going with them to adopt a pet that fits their lifestyle. Talk to your family member about getting a pet for them to take care of and spend time with while you’re away. Pets are wonderful companions to those with dementia, as they combat symptoms of loneliness and depression.

One of the most important things to do when caring for a loved one with dementia is to spend time with them. These activities are among the best to do with a family member that has dementia. Get together with your loved one to help improve their symptoms and regain control of their life.

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