8 Facts About Asia That Will Have You Booking Your Plane Ticket Today

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When you start planning your next vacation, you should think about making a trip to Asia. Whether you’re interested in food, culture, history or sightseeing, there are many fun and fabulous things to do and see. To learn eight interesting facts about Asia, check out this simple guide!

1. Asia Is Home to the World’s Tallest Mountains

Known as the Eight-Thousanders, Asia is home to the 14 tallest mountains in the world. Each of these mountains is over 8,000 meters tall or above 26,000 feet in height.

Ten of these mountains are located in the Himalayas, with the rest in the Karakorum range. The “K” in K2 comes from the fact that it’s located in these mountains.

2. Kyoto, Japan, Has over 1,600 Temples to Visit

As the former capital city of Japan, Kyoto is full of historical buildings and UNESCO heritage sites. The oldest temple in Kyoto was built in 1202 CE and is the resting place of the monk who brought Zen Buddism to Japan. If you want to see the best Japan has to offer, WorldRoamer has the guide for you!

3. Bangkok is the Most-Visited City in Asia

You may not have known, but its number of visitors regularly beats the number of people visiting Paris, London, and New York City. The capital of Thailand has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia — and the world — for years.

4. Street Food Is Affordable and Readily Available

From India to Japan and everywhere in between, you can get some amazing local food for reasonably cheap. You should be careful about certain food-borne illnesses or hygiene standards in various countries. However, with some good judgment and awareness, you can enjoy all the street food you can imagine.

5. No One Knows the True Origins of the Word “Asia”

While the ancient Greeks are credited with inventing the word “Asia” to describe the region, the term was around long beforehand. One popular theory is that the name comes from the Phoenician word “asa,” which means east, but no one knows for sure.

6. Hotel Laundry Services Are Very Inexpensive

When you stay in Asia, you may find yourself sweating through clothing faster than you planned. Fortunately, many hotels offer same-day laundry services, and you can have a four-person group’s clothes cleaned for less than ten dollars.

7. Many Medicines Are Available in Asia Without a Prescription

When compared with the United States, far more medicines can be bought over the counter both cheaply and easily. If you find yourself in need of something to fight a bacterial infection, you could easily purchase antibiotics without calling your doctor back home. While quality control may not be as strict as other countries, the cost and convenience are considerable.

8. Asia is Home to All the World’s Tallest Buildings

While the rivalry between the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building was impressive in the past, you can gawk at today’s titans of engineering in Asia. Notable examples include the Tokyo Skytree, the Taipei 101, and the Shanghai Tower.

Plan Your Next Vacation with These Facts About Asia

There are many more facts, activities, and attractions that will make your Asian trip the best of your life. Keep browsing our website today for more articles like this!

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