7 Tips for Styling Golf Polos

Styling Golf Polos

While you’re in the course, it’s all business. An errant shot can send your sand wedge flying off your neck and into the deep blue as you swing your club. It’s time to up your wardrobe game and look like you do out of the clubhouse.

A great way to add style without switching up your bag outright is by stepping into the world of fashion-forward golf polos. They look sharp, and your athletic mainstays are composed of only a splash of technical fabric.

By reading on, you can stay ahead of the opposition at the 19th hole. We’ve got the lowdown on how to style golf polos. Read along to learn more!

1. Select the Right Color and Size

First, you’ll want to select a color that complements your look and pairs well with any bottoms you might wear. White is the most popular color and goes with nearly any bottom.

That said, plenty of options can add pops of color and interest to your look. Opt for subtle patterns in complementary shades to ensure the look comes together nicely. 

Second, consider what type of event you plan to wear your polo. If it’s for a social event, bright colors like pinks, blues, or greens are ideal, whereas, for a professional event, it might be best to go for a more muted tone.

Third, try to choose a fit that flatters your body type. Not all polos are created equal, so try one to make sure it looks flattering. Comfort is key here, so ensure the shoulders, armholes, and torso fit well. Matching golf polos will look best whether you prefer a trim or semi-fitted polo. 

2. Use Hats

Choose a hat that fits well and complements your features. Baseball caps, golf caps, beanies, or fedoras are all popular choices. Make sure the hat has a hint of color to break up the solid colors of the polo. Try pairing your hat with sunglasses for a different look. 

Finally, be confident in whatever style you choose and enjoy the game of golf. Hats bring personality to the golf course, so have fun and be creative when styling your golf attire.

3. Add a Nice Belt

First, pick a belt that complements the color of your polo, or find a neutral belt to add something extra to any color—coordinating the buckle to the style of the belt. You will want to ensure that your belt fits appropriately, so measure your waist or choose a type with adjustable sizing.

Once you have chosen the right belt for your polo, tuck the polo into your khakis or pants, and cinch the belt to give yourself a stylish and professional look. Finally, accessorize by adding a statement pin or watch on the belt to complete the look and add a nice touch.

4. Choose the Best Fabric

Investigate the fabric’s properties regarding water repellence, airflow, and breathability. Choose a material that is not too tight or loose for maximum comfort, with enough strength for long-lasting quality. Moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and pilling-resistant fabrics are best for golf wear because of the game’s athletic demands and weather conditions.

Fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, provide UV protection, and are anti-static also make for good golf wear. Additionally, look for a material with many stitches per inch. It ensures the garment is strong and resists tearing. 

5. Use a Denim Jacket

Start by selecting a fitted light-wash denim jacket. Look for a bit of structure for a tailored look and one with a few modern details like zippers or mixable material. When pairing a jacket with your golf polo, choose complementary colors like plain black with a navy jacket, a white polo with a gray jacket, or a khaki polo with lighter denim.

Then add in the accessories. Accessorize with colorful golf or lifestyle-inspired hats, wrist warmers, and pins or patches. With a few simple steps, you can now use a denim jacket to style your polos confidently!

6. Use Sunglasses

It’s a simple, subtle way to draw attention to your outfit and add personality. Start by choosing the right size frame that complements your face shape. Larger structures add sun protection coverage and draw focus to your face.

You can also choose standout shades with a pop of color to break up the monotony of a single-color polo. Opt for timeless frames in black or tortoise if you prefer a more classic look. Feel free to experiment with different looks while playing golf to get that fashionable edge.

7. Wear Slim-Fitting Trousers or Shorts

The trousers should fit comfortably around your waist, be done to your legs, and sit a couple of inches above your ankle. Opt for a pair of slim-fitting khakis, or if you’d like to add more style to your ensemble, try a pair of slim-fit dress chinos. If shorts are your chosen style, try selecting a tailored couple that sits a few inches above your knee.

While you should wear golf clothing that is fitted, you also should make sure that you can move and that you are still comfortable. Complete the look with a pair of stylish golf shoes.

Wear Golf Polos Today

These are classic pieces of apparel for many golfers. To maximize comfort and style, “Tips for Styling Golf Polos” provide a helpful guide for any golfer.

Selecting the right color and size, and accessorizing it with other items like hats and sunglasses, will help create a unique look. Use these tips to cop your ideal golf polo style today!

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