5 reasons why bike taxis are the best way to move around the city

why bike taxis are the best way to move around the city

It’s not just cheap, it’s the cheapest!

Commuting is not a one-off expense but something you incur on an almost daily basis. For distances both far and short, you’ll find cab fares quickly piling up, denting your budget.

Bike taxis are cheaper to hire and there is a reason for it. They give significantly high gas mileage and have a very low cost of maintenance. This low per mile cost advantage is passed on to the customer. 

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Zip through the traffic

Short of taking a helicopter, you’ll find that bike taxis are the fastest mode of intra-city travel.

A low footprint helps bikes pass between vehicles and quickly pick up speed, gliding through the traffic fast and reducing travel time by a large margin.

Shorter wait times

Hate waiting? While cabs are more comfortable, there is typically more wait time for pickup, sometimes as much, or more than the total travel time itself. This is why bike taxis are popular for their short waiting times.

No parking hassle

Hate having to spend so much time, energy and often money, to park your vehicle? One of the biggest advantages of a taxi is that parking is not your problem. You can just get off at the destination, ready to roll.

It’s convenient

Unlike shared public transit vehicles like buses and metros running on a fixed route and stopping only at fixed places, bike taxis allows door-to-door transit including last-mile connectivity. 

That means you’re picked up from wherever you are and dropped right at your destination.

Now that you have a fair understanding of how bike taxis are useful, share your experiences and tell us all about your preferred mode of transport in comments.

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