4 Reasons Why Skirts Are Better Than Pants

4 Reasons Why Skirts Are Better Than Pants

Sure, pants have their perks. They’re comfy and convenient to wear, and they match with pretty much everything TBH.

But where’s all the love for skirts, the most classic garment of all? A lot of people, busy singing the praises of trousers, forget the merits of the humble skirt.

You’ve probably heard countless reasons why pants are better than skirts, but now, it’s time to flip the script. Here are four reasons why skirts are better than pants.

Limitless Color and Pattern Choices

When’s the last time you saw a neon green or polka dot pair of pants? A long time ago, most likely, or never.

When it comes to color and pattern choices, pants just can’t compare to skirts. Skirts come in every color of the rainbow and every pattern you can imagine.

Don’t forget the various styles you can choose from, either. There are maxi skirts, miniskirts, pencil skirts, pleated skirts, and so many more! SMH!

Great for All Seasons

Another reason why skirts are better than pants is that you can wear them in any season. That’s right—even in fall and winter.

Pants, on the other hand, tend to be too hot to wear in the summer months. That’s four whole months out of the year that you can’t wear them comfortably.

In fall, combine your skirt with some tights or leggings and a comfy pair of sneakers for a warm, casual chic look.

In winter, wear a long skirt with thick, opaque tights and thigh-high boots to keep toasty in the brutal weather.

No Sizing Woes

To find your pant size, you need to measure pretty much your entire lower body. This includes your waist, hips, abdomen, thigh, knee, calf, and instep (the front arch of your foot).

Then, you have to take those measurements and search tirelessly for a pair of pants whose measurements come close to those numbers. If you have unique measurements, it can be hard to find pants that fit you at retail stores.

Meanwhile, sizing skirts takes zero effort and no time at all. Is it tight enough around the waist so that it doesn’t slip down? Yes? It fits.

Less Restrictive

Pants are leg prisons. If you’ve ever worn skinny jeans or any other skintight pair of pants before, you know how hard it is to move around in them. And in hot, humid weather, your legs can sweat!

Skirts, meanwhile, provide your legs with unlimited freedom. Even pencil skirts are less restrictive than your average pair of trousers. And in the balmy summer weather, skirts keep your lower limbs cool and sweat-free.

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