4 Gross but Fun Facts About Dust Mites You Should Know

4 Gross but Fun Facts About Dust Mites You Should Know

Look around. You may see speckles of dust in the air or on your shelf. Did you know hundreds of thousands of dust mites cohabitate with you rent-free? Go ahead and grab your vacuum and duster because after you learn more about these microscopic creatures, you will want to clean every surface.

Although dust mites aren’t dangerous, they can worsen symptoms of allergies you may have, so you should keep them under control by cleaning your home. Dust mites can also cause congestion and irritation. You won’t need to fumigate your space, but it’s always best to keep your space dust-free.

Here are four gross but fun facts about the dust mites that you share your space with.

Dust Mites Thrive in Upholstery

Dust mites live in curtains, carpets, rugs, beds, and upholstered furniture. They also live on your bookshelves and vases, too. However, dust mites thrive on cloth because that’s where most of your dead skin collects. Stay calm! Everyone lives with dust mites, and eliminating them all is nearly impossible.

Dust Mites Won’t Bite You

Dust mites may look scary under a microscope when you see their pincer claws, but these guys are friendly. Aside from worsening your allergy symptoms, these guys are nice and won’t bother you. Unlike bed bugs and parasites, they don’t feed on blood or bite humans. However, dust mites can trigger reactions in many people with asthma, eczema, and allergies.

Their Favorite Food Is Dust

Dust mites live and breathe dust and dead human skin cells. You shed 1.5 grams of dead skin daily that winds up on your furniture and beds. That small amount of dead skin could feed an entire colony of dust mites—a million, to be exact.

Dust Mites Love Humid Areas

If you have a humidifier, your dust mites love you. They don’t drink water but quench their thirst with the air’s moisture. They prefer temperatures in the mid-70s and will die in cold temperatures or areas with low humidity levels.

To keep these microscopic roommates from worsening your asthma or allergies, clean your space weekly and use anti-allergy pillow covers. You should also mop and use damp rags to clean your home because the moisture keeps the dust from kicking up. We hope that these four grosses but fun facts about dust mites help you keep your space allergen and dust free!

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