4 Best Offshore Fishing Tips for Beginners

4 Best Offshore Fishing Tips for Beginners

Offshore fishing is among the best hobbies to get into, as it is a perfect encapsulation of “easy to learn, hard to master.” You’ll get something out of your first trip, just as you’ll experience incredible events on your 50th. With that said, here are the four best offshore fishing tips for beginners.

Get a License

Not all aspects of your fishing journey are fun, but don’t worry! Once you’ve gotten your license, it’s all smooth sailing from there (weather-dependent, of course). Take a drive to your local sports shop and talk to the employees about obtaining your fishing license. It’s much easier than it used to be; you can even apply for a permit online by looking up fishing licenses in your state.

Learn the Basics

The longer you enjoy offshore fishing, the more you’ll learn. To start, make sure you know a few basic knots and bring along the right equipment.

Essential knots include:

  • Bimini twist
  • Haywire twist
  • Albright knot
  • Double uni knot
  • Palomar knot

As far as lures go, think about buying a bucktail jig and lipped plugs. You don’t need to drop tons of money on the best gear yet; instead, start with the basics and allow your collection to grow as you figure out what appeals the most.

Bring the Right Boat

A boat is essential to an offshore fishing trip (it’s hard to cast a line while dog-paddling, after all), but you can’t use just anyboat. Smaller boats are better for fishing trips closer to the shore, so you’ll want something larger.

Think about renting a ship with a cabin and comfortable seating so that you can spend a day out on the water without feeling cramped. If renting a boat seems expensive, you can always ask friends to come along and chip in.

Pay Attention To the Weather

The seas can get pretty choppy, so keep an eye on the weather before you go out on the water. Don’t take your boat into dangerous situations, even if it means delaying your trip. You must also remember to bring along sun protection in the form of sunscreen and a good fishing hat because sun damage is a real danger when out on the water for hours at a time.

Now that you know the four best offshore fishing tips for beginners, get ready to experience your new favorite hobby!

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