3 Reasons Why the Modern Shag Cut Is So Popular

3 Reasons Why the Modern Shag Cut Is So Popular

As a hairstylist, you’re probably privy to many hair trends. Something blows up on social media, and suddenly, people rush to your salon wanting a specific color or cut. Sometimes, though, you may not understand these trends, like with the modern shag cut. Keep reading to learn three reasons why the modern shag cut is so popular.

A Timeless Aesthetic

The shag haircut first peaked in popularity in the ‘70s and ‘80s, becoming synonymous with rock and roll and freedom. While we may not be rocking like we used to back then, the timeless aesthetic of a slightly messy hairdo that makes you feel great never goes away, especially after a pandemic that kept many people away from hair salons for a while. People want this effortless, timeless look as they roll back into the freedom of getting past the COVID-19 pandemic.

Universal Versatility

With the right scissors in your toolkit, you can create an effortless modern shag that will look good on anyone regardless of bone structure or face shape. People are seeing that universal versatility as they scroll through social media for inspiration, and it makes them want it too. After all, the point of getting your hair cut is to look and feel amazing. Shags also allow for a certain amount of customization for different hair textures, which means people don’t have to choose between their natural hair texture and hair trends.

Endless Color Options

The modern shag cut also looks great in almost every color. Colorful hair is all over social media, making people dye their hair everything from pretty pastels to bold jewel tones. While not every haircut can hold up to these colorful hair choices, the modern shag cut can. It has just enough dimension and movement to look good in everything from a natural brunette to a fire-engine red.

Three reasons why the modern shag cut is so popular are due to its timeless aesthetic, universal versatility, and endless color options. As more people pour into your salon asking for this cut, you can appreciate the aesthetic, versatility, and options they have and help your customers create the exact look they’re hoping to achieve.

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