3 Interesting and Fun Dinosaur Facts You Didn’t Know

3 Interesting and Fun Dinosaur Facts You Didn’t Know

While dinosaurs are interesting, many of us don’t know as much as we think we do about them. In fact, some of the information presented to us might not have been entirely accurate or has since changed due to new discoveries. It’s amazing that scientists continue to discover new things about these majestic beasts that existed in a land before time. Find out some interesting and fun dinosaur facts you might not have known.

Standing Tall

You might be familiar with the sauropod dinosaur as they are one of the more recognizable and popular dinosaurs in popular culture. When you look at a rendering of these dinosaurs, you might notice their form looks quite similar to that of a giraffe as they stand tall with incredibly long necks. However, a giraffe would look minuscule standing next to a sauropod, as these dinosaurs were the tallest living beings to roam the Earth. If you want to picture the true height of a sauropod, it helps to imagine twice the height of one giraffe.

Dinosaur Colors

Did you know that for the longest time, scientists had to use guesswork to ascertain the hues of dinosaurs? Scientists would look to birds and reptiles to help them form as precise a depiction as possible. The color of a dinosaur is incredibly important as it can tell us more about its environment, lifestyle, and diet, which allows us to learn more about them. Thankfully, scientists were able to more accurately discover the color of dinosaurs by observing melanosomes in various fossils and noticing similar hue patterns with animals of our current time.

Interesting Diets

We all know that food is the fuel that keeps us healthy and provides enough energy for us to get through our day. That’s why some of the largest dinosaurs would have to eat as much as a ton of food a day. In fact, one of the most fun and interesting facts about dinosaurs that you might not have known is that they even swallowed rocks. Swallowing rocks may seem like an inadequate nutritional source, but scientists believe dinosaurs would use these rocks to help crush up the vegetation in their stomachs, aiding digestion.

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